WellThread is the new Levi's line that offers garments with respectful production processes and timeless style. At the base, the use of the innovative 'Transitional Cotton' or a cotton obtained from ecological systems

With Levi's WellThread 2023, the iconic American company known throughout the world for the most comfortable item in the wardrobe offers a new line of denim pieces based on respectful production processes. Without abandoning loyalty to the timeless style that has made it a must-have in more than 110 countries, it therefore experiments with an ecological approach, which translates into plant-based dyes, controlled production systems and silhouettes. classics destined to last over time.

It's easy to say, less to demonstrate. Levi's does it in a very transparent way, simply telling how she arrived at the definition of a capsule dedicated to respecting the planet, the customer and, above all, the people who work the land to give life to the raw material that forms the basis of these garments.

Levi's WellThread: what it is and how it was born

The new Levi's WellThread FW23 capsule is the result of years of research aimed at reducing the chemical, energy and water impacts of garment production and, in particular, stands out for its The use of Transitional Cotton: an innovative raw material also obtained thanks to the long-standing collaboration with small farmers based in India.

"More than a clothing line, WellThread is a platform for testing new ideas and technologies and collaborating with inventors and suppliers to explore the possibilities of sustainable innovation" says Paul Dillinger, vice president, head of global product innovation atLevi Strauss & Co.

“From our dyes to cotton, we continually draw on years of insights to make clothingsafer, sustainable and circular. Clean and classic, the latest capsule offers oversized and iconic silhouettes. We strive for durability and know that these beautiful pieces can be worn personally and authentically for decades.”

From this perspective, Levi's has in fact committed itself to the affirmation of a production system that protects the health of soils, ecosystems and people, thanks to methods and processes ecological systems that respect biodiversity and agricultural cycles adapted to local conditions.

An approach that has seen the company reduce chemical, energy and water impacts and use exclusively vegetable-based dyes, as well as being committed to guaranteeing financial risk reduction for farmers by purchasing their harvest of Transitional Cotton during the transition period towards organic farming.

What to expect from the Levi's WellThread line

The Levi'sWellThread FW23 capsule therefore uses 100% Transitional Cotton and, as mentioned a few lines above, is entirely produced with natural vegetable-based dyes: an example is the 100% vegetable indigo used to dye classic denim, but also the more recent 100% organic black pigment obtained from a closed cycle production system. Two natural dyes used to create the “dark &” look. inky” of the items in the collection.

Levi's WellThread FW23: the garments

And to get to the heart of the clothing offering, WellThread FW23 by Levi's with its shades destined to become a sign of timeless style over the years, offers women a Bagg Dad, with a loose and comfortable silhouette inspired by the 90s, a Bellos Trucker, with a relaxed and square cut, and a Rosewood Shirtin dark indigo. Men's items include the Relaxed Trucker 551Z, a jacket lined with comfortable flannel, and the Arrowood Shirt, a classic denim shirt with oversized fit.