Linda, Meghan and Ecomonoblocco WT 60 3D

New raiment for a concentrate of high technology, reliability and performance, in Linda. Efficacy, savings and comfort for the Ecofire range of pellet stoves. Linda, an example of Palazzetti design and of the use of the finest technology, features all the technological advantages of the Ecofire family.

Meghan is the new Ecofire pellet stove. The collaboration between the design studio MarcArch and the technical division of Palazzetti has led to Ecofire Meghan, whose key innovation is the management of air.

Ecomonoblocco WT provides intelligent performance in a new ultradesign look, a true heating system, a hearth of the latest generation that embodies the highest levels of functional quality. WT 60 3D: original in its form, of great visual impact, where the view of the flame is taken to maximum expression, and the hearth establishes a dialogue with the setting, in a virtual conversation of exceptional energy.