With one of the company's iconic wines, Ruffino presents the complete restyling of the brand. An operation that focuses attention on the history, quality and sustainability of the wine

With a bottle that made history, the Chianti Classico Riserva Ducale, the Tuscan winery Ruffino is pursuing a path of overall restyling that goes beyond pure graphic and stylistic intervention, but affirms itself as a tribute to the company's roots.

New labels, quality of the products and extremely concrete activities on sustainability: three actions that look in a single direction, that of a future supported by a glorious past.

The story

With almost 150 years of experience in the wine sector, Ruffino is one of the most representative wineries in the history of Italian wine in Tuscany and in the world.

Deeply connected to the territory in which it was born in 1877 in Pontassieve, near Florence, the company continues today on its path to success, faithful to its identity but with always a careful look towards innovation and the future.

Among the most important stages there is undoubtedly the creation of Chianti Stravecchio, at the beginning of the last century, which allowed the company founded by cousins Ilario and Leopoldo Ruffino to become the official supplier of the Royal House of Savoy.

A goal followed in 1927 by the birth of the Riserva Ducale, the Reserve for the Duke, and subsequently that of its evolution 'Gold' in 1947.

The work of art: the wine and the new labels

Embracing a more contemporary style is the goal of the entire restyling, which for Ruffino represents a clear desire to look ahead, while maintaining faith in the tradition that made the presence of the winery in over 90 countries worldwide.

The concept of the new graphic design is guided by the work of art, understood both as a new artistic interpretation of the label and logo, and as the traditional quality of the raw material contained in the bottle - the wine.

The operation began with the Riserva Ducale: the new label also speaks of tradition, precisely because it has been renewed while remaining true to itself, keeping the scene that recalls the visit to Pontassieve of the Duke of Aosta in 1890.

The goal was to create silence and make the elements visible, crystalline, thus making the image even more iconic.

Respect for the territory

Sustainable is also, and above all, the way in which we relate to the surrounding territory. Precisely with a view to paying him the right tribute, preserving his riches and peculiarities, Ruffino launched 'Ruffino Cares' in 2018, a project that has now become a corporate strategy that encompasses all activities carried out within the scope of corporate social responsibility.

Environmental and social sustainability but also programs aimed at education on the responsible consumption of wine, giving back to the territory and diversity and inclusion.

"Being farmers, the environmental factor is naturally very important and in this respect we feel we are guardians of the territory that we have available", explains Sandro Sartor, president and CEO of Ruffino.

Today, 51% of the Ruffino vineyards have completed the process of converting to organic, which the company expects to complete definitively within two years, covering 100% of the vineyard area.

"Ruffino embraces all aspects of sustainability, in addition to the environmental one as well as the social and ethical one, which are fundamental for putting into practice a truly responsible corporate culture".