Lago expands its production site and reorganizes the spaces, reaffirming the idea of ​​a workplace in the name of sustainability and the centrality of people: Lago Campus is born

A wooden structure that alternates large windows overlooking Monte Grappa and a sunscreen of 58 colored strips that alternate with each other, creating a gradation of colors that changes according to the light of day and its reflections: this is how the new building that now flanks the Lago Fabbrica, the pre-existing production site of Lago at Villa del Conte, in the province of Padua. The expansion project, which brings the area occupied by the company from 25 thousand square meters to 50 thousand, is more than an architectural intervention. It represents a coherent development process that is faithful to the idea of ​​a working space intended as a hotbed of thought and innovation, in which sustainability goes hand in hand with the desire to put people at the center and simultaneously increase efficiency and organizational well-being .

The new building was designed by the Zaettastudio architecture firm and intends to give meaning to industrial construction, with a courageous architecture that explores the lexicon of technological innovation, without neglecting the company's artisan and territorial tradition. A pure and monolithic volume, synthetic and clean, conceived to be in the making, which allows you to discover, once inside, a familiar environment, where you can touch wood with your hand, in different forms and technologies, with all its warmth and its materiality. The building manages to recreate the setting of a typical carpentry where the warmth of the wood interacts with the light that invades the space.

The key word of the project is environmental sustainability: the load-bearing structure is made of laminated wood, with frame perimeter walls and an exposed, bleached and polished Osb finish. The external cladding is made with titanium zinc shingles, while the roof is made with laminated wood panels and is characterized by the presence of 78 skylights for a total area of ​​175 square meters. A system that uses geothermal energy was then adopted, thanks to two wells that use groundwater. Four stations are set up in the car park to recharge electric cars and a new ecological area has been created for the safe storage of waste, protected by rainwater collection and purification systems.

The Campus is divided into seven spaces: the new Lago Logistics, designed to systematize the internal organization, enhances sustainability and architectural education; Lago Osteria: managed by a local chef, the space becomes a place for sharing and relaxation, where you can generate empathy and relationships. Lago Giardino and Lago Oasi welcome guests and visitors in a space designed for recreational and training activities; Lago Fabbrica, the production space already organized for several years according to the logic of Lean Production; Lago Showroom, the place to admire products in contextualized environments and Lago Office, the beating heart of the company's thinking and innovation.