Ironic and evocative, material and artisanal. Toscanini's centenary clothes hangers (1920-2020) were made by five artists who interpreted and sculpted, starting from a block of wood, their personal vision of an object of everyday use, transforming it into a work of art

That of Toscanini, a Piedmontese company specializing in clothes hangers, which in 2020 turned 100 years old is a family story.

Born in 1920 with her great-grandfather Giuseppe Toscanini in Valsesia, raised with her grandfather Giovanni and become a modern entrepreneurial reality with her father Ettore, since the 90s Toscanini has been led by her children Giovanni and Federica. Four generations that have come and gone, keeping intact the desire to experiment and the love for things done well.

Today Toscanini is an internationally recognized brand for the quality, craftsmanship and refined design of its clothes hangers and solutions for hanging clothing, accessories and shoes.

International vision, but an Italian heart. The entire Toscanini production is in fact made exclusively –  and proudly – in Isolella di Borgosesia, where the company is based.

The company begins 2021 by presenting the centenary celebratory clothes hangers, made by five artists who have interpreted and sculpted their personal creative vision of an everyday object starting from a block of wood, transforming it into a work of art.

Each of the sculptors – Tommaso Verdesca, Silvano Rotti, Daniele Verdesca, Fabio Nicola/Homo Faber and Christian Costa provided a different interpretation of the company's history and the values that represent its essence. Each work interprets the perfect balance between the hand of man and the machinery: a synergy between advanced craftsmanship and innovation, material, quality and design.

If Silvano Rotti offers an ironic  animal / natural  interpretation of the hanger transforming it into a flamingo, Fabio Nicola with the Mani sculpture pays homage to the hands, the creators of the products as well as the work itself. In Cuts, Tommaso Valdesca creates unprecedented cuts in wood, while in Per Sempre (Forever), Christian Costa creates a semi-finished product that is composed to form the symbol of infinity, an explicit reference to Toscanini's philosophy that looks to the future with dedication and research. Daniele Valdesca for the sculpture Giuseppe is inspired by the mustache of his great-grandfather, who founded the company in the early 1900s. Even the shape given to the metal hook recalls the profile of his nose.

Caring for the environment and people has always been a priority for Toscanini. If talking about sustainability is very topical today, the historic Valsesian company has embraced this value since the 1980s, well before green themes were in trend. Starting with the use of wood as a natural, ecological and recyclable raw material that Toscanini has known and worked with passion every day for 100 years.

Symbol of the relationship between nature and human work, wood is the raw material of clothes hangers and now the raw material of works too, sculpted by manual creativity and inspired by artists.

All the wood that Toscanini uses for the production of its hangers comes from controlled crops and subject to reforestation, according to strict environmental standards. First of all, beech wood, but also oak, lime, ash, canaletto walnut and red cedar. Also sustainable are the processes with ecological finishes, oil treatments, natural waxes and water-based paints, which allow the use of 80% less solvents and thus reduce residual waste.