The world of the project also lends itself to emergency ideas that can support the Ukrainian population

Among the various activities urgently put in place for the help of the Ukrainian population and refugees , proposals and ideas are also coming forward from the project world.

That of Woodly, the Italian company that produces ecological furniture with zero impact in line with the Montessori philosophy, it is concrete, simple and definitely achievable.

The company, in collaboration with CNA Parma (National Craft Confederation) proposes the creation of a < strong> self-assembling cradle (it can be assembled by itself and by interlocking without the need to glue anything) in reinforced cardboard. Concrete help for mothers and children in Ukraine.

All in one box

The shape is that of a classic box, which also acts as a means of transport for basic necessities: inside, in fact, in addition to the folded cardboard and the polyurethane foam mattress open cell , other goods intended for mothers and children will be added such as diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, for name a few. Once opened and emptied, it can be assembled.

The appeal

The challenge is also an appeal. For the realization of the project Woodly collects donated goods (under the list of those needed) but also money useful for the implementation of the idea. The goal is to produce at least 1000 cots, sending will be via SEIRS CROCE GIALLA PARMA  and care associations.

This is the link for the fundraiser: donate / 1031198457740642 /

Among the necessary genres, we report a short list of the essential ones:

  • Bottom and top sheet,
  • Cover,
  • Diapers,
  • Wet wipes,
  • Baby bottle,
  • Protective cream,
  • Pacifier, and more that will be required of us