Group opens 2024 with 'Carbon Neutral' certification goal

Being sustainable means being able to maintain the dynamic balance between environment, economy and society over the long term. Adopting practices and policies that take into account the environmental, social and economic impacts of human activities to preserve natural resources, promote social equity and ensure economic prosperity. A choice that Contract District Group has made for years and with which it also opens 2024.

Offsetting CO2 emissions

Contract District Group (an innovative business model that integrates the Design System distribution chain with the Real Estate industry, focusing on new processes, technology and digital) has obtained the Carbon Cancelling certificate with the aim of offsetting the CO2 emissions generated by its design, site management and assembly services for directly distributed furniture products.

High standards

Contract District Group is the first interior design service company to achieve this important certification as a guarantee for its end customers and institutional developers, who are increasingly invited to choose and involve suppliers with high standards in the field of sustainability, not only in the production cycle of furnishing materials and finishes, but also in the flow of services required for their design and assembly.

A complex cycle

"The products we distribute are complex and their sale can only be finalised and completed through a very complicated cycle of activities that take weeks or months to conclude," explains Lorenzo Pascucci, founder and CEO of Contract District Group.

Environmental, Social, Governance

Always sensitive to the issue of sustainability, Contract District Group had already started in November 2023 on the path towards the three ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) dimensions that are fundamental for verifying, measuring, controlling and sustaining a company's commitment to sustainability, and for tracing the organisation back to a set of measurement criteria and standards for environmental, social and governance activities.

An all-round effort

"The effort on the part of manufacturing industries to make the production cycle of their modular furniture sustainable, we think must also be guaranteed in the subsequent phases, from their design, to sales, to building compatibility verification, to final delivery and assembly," Pascucci continues.

The Code of Ethics

With this in mind, last autumn the Contract District Group drew up and published the group's Code of Ethics, bringing together in one document the set of social and moral rules that it feels are its own and to which all the group's collaborators and all its stakeholders (employees, collaborators, suppliers, partners) must refer.

Making a difference

"The achievement of the first Carbon Neutral certification of services related to Home Design distribution makes us proud, reassuring us that, with our organisation's Carbon Footprint calculation (accurate, reporting and according to ISO standards), we too can make a difference for a less polluted and more sustainable tomorrow," concludes the CEO of Contract District Group.