The CEO tells how the idea for the Fluttua bed was born, a textbook case of innovation in the furniture world

"In those years in the company we had a decidedly radical approach to design. Something that doesn't happen very often and that is more in the world of art than design. We wanted to create a truly unique piece of furniture that would bring a new emotion into the home. And what could be more exciting and new than sleeping as if floating in space?" Daniele Lago recalls the days in 2004 when Fluttua came to life, the iconic bed of the Veneto-based company LAGO which, in eighteen years, has become a best seller, as well as a textbook case of innovation in the world of furniture.

What does a radical approach to design mean for Daniele Lago?

"In the case of Fluttua, the idea was to go all the way down a road that LAGO had begun to explore some time ago: that of subtraction. We wanted to subtract as much as possible, even those elements that have always been considered indispensable for a bed. So, first of all, we eliminated the bed frame, so as to make the bed simply a shelf with a mattress lying on it. And then the legs: we kept only one, as a support, demonstrating that we could bring the emotion of sleeping suspended into the house".

Did Fluttua see the light exactly as you designed it?

"Yes, and this is also something that rarely happens in design. The initial sketch was kept, the one with the single central leg supporting the structure. Fluttua is really the child of an emotional intuition, something that is difficult to repeat."

How did the market react to the presentation of the bed?

"We presented the bed at Abitare il tempo, the historical furniture fair in Verona. The public and insiders immediately understood that there was quality in the design, that it was not a clever, scenic stunt. Since then, it has been an unstoppable success. It is a bed that appeals to a public of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest: we have had excellent feedback even from people over 80 years old".

Yet it must not be easy to overcome the fear of being at home with a bed that apparently has no support.

"I must say that there has never been much resistance in this sense. The public evidently understood the meaning of Fluttua, a bed in which the design is not just a gimmick, but a way to free up space in the home, to make cleaning easier. I like to repeat that this is a creation that cannot be born out of a market survey. In fact, if it depended on market research, perhaps a bed like Fluttua would never see the light of day..."