In an in-depth interview, Enea Lionello tells INTERNI what tropical skincare is and what to expect, the philosophy on which Guapa products and experience stores are based

The young brand of Tropical Skincare Guapa, draws attention of everyone - including those who have little time and those who are not accustomed to the beauty routine - the importance of dedicating time to your skin.

With the typically energetic and at the same time enveloping declination of the part of the world where nature is the master, Guapa is the spokesperson for a style of beauty, both internal and external .

A few minutes (3 a day), simple steps to follow (cleansing, exfoliation, hydration) and a minimum time to notice the results (only 3 months).

The founder Enea Lionello explains everything about tropical skincare, including what it is about when we talk about the 'rule of 3'.

How was the Guapa brand born?

We wanted to create something unique that stood out from the classic glossy white (not just chromatic) mood of beauty salons. Our soul is pop and we wanted exactly that to emerge. When we started giving shape to ideas by creating a first store, stimuli such as: "And if we put a swing in it too?".

Thus was born the tropical format; we then identified the name starting from the sensation we wanted to leave to the customers, once they stayed with us. The answer came immediately: Belle! Not exclusively on the aesthetic front. But also feeling in order and therefore better! That is why Guapa.

Also from the point of view of the service we wanted to be completely different from the classic beauty center: most of the active professionals offer dozens of services, we have decided to focus and choose a few but of excellent quality.

We believe that to be truly competent it is necessary to go deeper: therefore we only offer Brazilian wax, for epilation, and facial treatments (including dermopigmentation).

What does Tropical Skincare consist of?

Tropical Skincare is: practicality, taking care of yourself, 3 minutes of time, a moment of pleasure, escape, perfumes and textures, sensory experience. It is a skincare ritual lasting up to 3 minutes, to be performed morning and evening, using only 3 products a day, identified according to the type of skin and habits, as well as the different seasonal needs of those who practice it.

Then once a week, during the off day, it is advisable to dedicate 30 minutes to yourself and to perform a more complete skincare, which includes a few more steps (6 in total).

Finally there is the visit to the beauty center once a month, which will work in depth with advanced and specific treatments, perfectly completing our daily skincare. Not only will it be something 'technical' but it will be extremely relaxing and it will be that hour a month that will regenerate body and mind.

In total, just over 1 hour a week is enough for your skin to feel good with Skincare Tropical.

There is therefore a recurring number: 3. Why?

Because maybe whoever says that 3 is the perfect number is right: 3 is an easy number to remember, a small number that often occurs in our lives. A good number, on which to build a good skincare.

Summing up, Tropical Skincare includes:

  • 3 necessary steps for the different skincare proposals
  • 3 minutes to devote to the ritual every morning and every evening (yes, they have to be timed!)
  • 3 skin types (dry, normal, oily)
  • 3 “skin” seasons are 3: hot, cold and intermediate
  • 3 fundamental actions that should never be overlooked: cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate
  • 3 months in which you will see your skin change (probably even sooner but better to stay away)

What can you find in the stores?

In the store you live the experience in the name of welcome and serenity.

Even the spaces are designed to put anyone who enters at ease. The cabins (especially in the new store in Via Negroli 40) are designed to pamper all the senses: the heated with chromotherapy, the rooms with warm and soft tones, the fragrance that changes according to the season and of course music, herbal teas and sweets.

And the products?

They arise from the need to simplify, to have easy-to-use products available even for those who are not so accustomed to skincare. We are convinced that the moment dedicated to the beauty of one's body should be simple, pleasant and satisfying. Again, we preferred not to settle.

Right from the start, we wanted to know the source of our products, find out how the processes really work and be able to bring that directly experienced knowledge to our customers.

After a thorough search, we found suppliers who mirrored us: they made their expertise available to us, opening the doors of their companies to let our curiosity find an answer.

We then went to get to know all the companies with which we collaborate directly on site, most of which are located in central and southern Italy. Perhaps it would have been easier to rely on a large manufacturer of technologies and products, as well as to adapt to the supply dynamics typical of beauty centres, however, as usual, we preferred to investigate further.

The products take on names evocative of South American cities, fragrances that make the mind travel and addictive textures up to the packaging, anything but 'classic'. Let's say that placed on the shelf they do not go unnoticed.

So do you pay particular attention to the ingredients?

Yes, as I said, after months of research and selection of laboratories that responded to our way of understanding cosmetics, we found those who, entirely in Italy, could produce for us with high percentages of concentration of the active ingredients and formulations as natural as possible.

Can you tell us something about the new store?

With the second Tropical Beauty Center we are closer to a Spa than a beauty centre, a welcoming but informal environment, where the 'she' often gives way to the 'you'.

The new store is designed and conceived to improve the strengths of the first store (which will remain open and always operational) by adding experiences in the pre, during and post treatment.

An example of this is the new wall with a professional selfie station, where you can capture the moment in the shop (perhaps after treatment) to then take with you in the Polaroid version!