Take advantage of the summer and the slower pace of life to do some healthy decluttering, creating harmony and serenity within the walls of the house

The magical power of tidying up. Have you ever noticed how cathartic, almost liberating it is to devote yourself to the classic tidying up of the domestic space, eliminating the superfluous and restoring order where it used to be chaos?

The passion for decluttering, the practice of tidying up in a less is more key made famous by the Japanese Marie Kondo, has translated in recent years into a real boom in shows, books and social profiles on the subject, see the successful Netflix series: The Home Edit, which sees two organization experts help celebrities and 'ordinary' customers change their homes, fighting order.

And since we are in the middle of summer and work rhythms are decidedly less pressing, not to mention that many of us are already in off duty mode, why not take the opportunity to do some healthy decluttering?

The benefits in terms of aesthetics and functionality, but also and above all of well-being interior, will exceed all your expectations.

The first (reflexive) step of the tidying process

As taught by Marie Kondo, guru of order, making space by eliminating unused objects and various junk allows you to create harmony and serenity within the walls of the house.

But where do we start? The first step consists in "reflecting on the reasons why we refuse to throw away a certain thing and to recognize what we are most fond of", explains Kondo herself in her book Kurashi (Vallardi).

"Tidying up means dealing with all the things we've accumulated in life. So ask yourself: What do you really want to tidy up? Take a moment to consider this question."

Decluttering in practice

According to the interior architect Alice Truant, «to lighten the house of the superfluous, I recommend proceeding one room at a time, without getting caught up in the rush to vacate the entire apartment in the same day.

It is important to consider in every corner what are the elements that no longer correspond to our taste, but also objects and accessories that we have not used for some time.

Just by eliminating a few, selected pieces you will notice an instantaneous effect of harmony.

As you proceed with the decluttering, take the opportunity to clean up the various spaces, strategically leaving sachets of fresh lavender where there are clothes and textiles, to leave a naturally relaxing and welcoming olfactory signature.

In the cleanup operation, storage complements cannot be missing. Choose them in all sizes, from small furniture on wheels to folders, from boxes in various materials to containers with drawers and flaps.

The choice of a chromatic or material theme for each room is welcome, in the name of an increased sense of well-being. Yes also to the addition of practical labels: they will help you always have everything under control.

Finally, if your home is mini, play with container-furniture, from benches to sofas, and with modular bookcases, to be composed according to your needs». Everything in its place.