Designing functional and beautiful spaces that can empathize with those who live there. A fascinating philosophy that characterizes all the works of Remigio Architects

When the container and the content manage to communicate with each other, the magic of an immersive experience is created.

Remigio Architects knows this well, bringing the concept of exhibit design in the design of any space.

In fact, starting from the question whether there is a connection between the exhibition space and the environments intended for work, commercial or even residential use, Remigio Architects inserts added value into all its projects: in addition to being functional and rational in form, these reflect the personality of those who live there, in the case of private homes; or, in the case of commercial spaces or offices, the challenge is to give them a strong character that emotionally affects those who live or frequent these places.

Rigor and soul, formal cleanliness and empathy: a perfect dualism that the team of architects led by Luca Remigio essentially expresses in the use of three natural materials: wood, stone and iron.

This happens, for example, in the design of the new Interexpo headquarters in Milan, where the boundary between the vertical and horizontal surfaces seems to vanish thanks to the use of slabs of Bedonia stone, worked 'in a pigeonhole' directly in the quarry, allowing the internal environments to fade outwards without interruption .

Or in the Stone is better installation, also by Remigio Architects: created during the Milan Design Week, it was able to excite visitors by expanding their perception, to tell the essence of PNA (Authentic Natural Stone).

White marble and black granite alternated, creating a skilful play of optical illusions: an immediate, visual way of communicating that aimed to celebrate the charm and purity of natural stone. Exhibit design, therefore, in its broadest sense.

Evidence of this is also the restaurant +39 in Moscow or the Valverde Water Bar in Montenapoleone in Milan, a temporary bichromatic where formal precision is expressed from a geometric sobriety through horizontal, vertical and oblique lines that generate the structure and the 'bezel' furnishings, in black and white lacquered solid wood, which dialogue with metal elements.

An enveloping structure which as a whole recreates the sensation of water and its purity. Content and container, once again, succeed in a game of references to coexist in harmony by enhancing each other.

Furthermore, in the case of the BTO event at the Leopolda di Florence, the Remigio Architects studio succeeded, also thanks to a skilful work of light design , in the delicate task of transforming the spaces of the old station into a welcoming, warm and above all engaging place, to make visitors an active part of a modern and suggestive travel experience.

Scenographic and original projects by Remigio Architects, also made possible by the precious collaborations of the studio with master craftsmen specialized in the working of iron and wood.

An exchange of excellent skills that leads to the creation of unique and immersive projects capable of transforming spaces into living spaces, where people are at the center with their sensory and emotional priorities.

Continuous research leads the studio to find solutions that balance what people want and feel and what the space naturally requires: a harmony between functionality, aesthetics and the ability to be emotionally welcoming and stimulating.