40 years have passed since the opening of Superstudio: Gisella Borioli talks about the future of one of the symbolic spaces of the Fuorisalone

Gisella Borioli has clear ideas about her future.

“The years go by and I also want to take care of other things, I have many projects. I am making sure that there is a regenerative generational change. My nephew Tommaso Stecchi Borioli is increasingly involved in Superstudio with a new team of under 30”.

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So the celebration of Superstudio's forty years will be marked by your farewell party?

Gisella Borioli: “It's not the time to celebrate: I'm really worried about the economic and socio-political situation in the world.

I proposed to Tommaso that we celebrate by doing our job, as we have always done. There are many projects underway, some started by me, others desired by Tommaso.

The range of action opens up on several fronts, both in terms of new spaces and in terms of new exhibition methods”.

What are the plans for Superstudio Maxi at the Bovisa?

Gisella Borioli: "Superstudio Maxi was born just before the pandemic with the aim of expanding our business and doing it with a regeneration urban and social project in the head.

Moving towards the periphery requires taking charge of the area through a plan that transforms the space into a point of cultural convergence.

I believe it is the only private venue for events to have all the sustainability certifications.

Following an idea of next city, lively and autonomous in the neighborhoods, we continue to try to fill a void, to bring vitality to uninhabited architecture. This is how Superstudio was also born”.

What plans does Gisella Borioli have for her future?

Gisella Borioli: "I would like to teach, as I am already doing in the context of Superstudio Academy, a master's program in Art and Design Management in collaboration with the Free Mediterranean University.

I would like to bring my experience and that of my network of friends and collaborators to a new training path focused on event management.

I am dedicating myself a lot to the FLA project, the museum of the works of Flavio Lucchini, created from his atelier inside Superstudiopiù, to which we added 2,000 sq m of floor originally used by General Electric as a warehouse and war shelter.

There are now more than five hundred works that constitute my husband's authorial survey of the world of beauty, fashion and design.

FLA is also a non-profit association, which is planning a series of activities aimed at women in difficulty and autistic people.

They all seem to me to be excellent reasons to get away from the daily working life of Superstudiopiù and devote myself to something different”.

And yet Superstudiogroup is getting bigger and bigger…

Gisella Borioli: “Tommaso Borioli Stecca is working intensively on projects inspired by a more dynamic vision: it is a team full of ideas, attentive to the evolution of the sector.

We try to combine the experience with the energy of these guys: I feel like everyone's grandmother. It's an interesting intergenerational dialogue.

The latest addition is Superstudio Village, at Bovisa.

In a former steel mill that has been closed for more than twenty years we have carried out a restoration once again devoted to sustainability. There are 4000 square meters of pavilions in which we develop a project dedicated to digital and 3D events.

Net of the pandemic period, I'm sure that communication will also move towards virtuality, so the Village is a place designed to support the events of the Virtual Pavillon which will be presented in these days.

A cyberspace that transforms the virtual into a place of real interaction between exhibitors and the public at home”.

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