Can the territory become a home for site-specific contemporary works of art? We talked about it with the president of the Foundation for Modern and Contemporary Art CRT

There is an idea of a museum coinciding with an open space, without walls and without timetables, without entrance tickets and without rules of use. It is the territory, urbanized, rural or natural, that becomes a home for site-specific contemporary works of art.

And if there are many experiments of this kind scattered throughout the peninsula, until now there was no project capable of turning this attitude into a system, conceived and spread at a regional level.

This is done by Fondazione per l'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT which together with the Piedmont Region has created a < strong>territorial art program for all, along the creative vision of its president, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, who presented her three-year project.

An open idea about the near future that will make Turin a hub for art professions and the entire region into a truly widespread museum. And if Turin will welcome workshops and study programs on curatorial practices and methods of artistic research in collaboration with the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation and the Heritage Studies course of the University of Turin, as well as in-depth studies on writing for art and on setup,education is an integral partof the entire regional project.

«The idea is tocreate culture around contemporary art, often little known by the general public, involving citizens», says Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, drawing on her experiment in Guarene: in the park around at Palazzo Sandretto Re Rebaudengo a constellation of works of art is always accessible to everyone.

«That experience is emblematic», she comments, «Because after many years it now brings many visitors to the town, who frequent the park often, come with children and participate in the workshops we do outdoors. The reason is only because we were able to create a dialogue with the local inhabitants, elderly people, mothers, children, young people, citizens...».

That was a small experiment, later expanded with Prospettive, a work between France and Piedmont for the enhancement of art in the territory which also had the merit of carrying out a census of the works present in the region and which now finds space in a plan divided into small realities ready to host artists and works designed and created to measure.

The mapping of the countries involved does not currently exist, it arises from a dialogue between the CRT foundation and the banking foundations present in the area and will be developed for four years starting from the Valle Stura, to be precise, on the land between the municipalities of Rittana and the hamlet of Paraloup, a historical place and headquarters of the partisan brigades of Justice and Freedom of the Cuneo area.

An artist (his name is not yet known) will spend a period of residence on site to develop an engaging proposal for the population, indeed, capable of creating a sense of belonging, to be inaugurated on 4 October of this 'year.

Naturally, an educational project for local school children and a public summer program will involve the local population who will dialogue with a selection of works from the CRT collection.

The target? «An approach to art that realizes the idea of art for everyone», replies the president, «I'm tired of this old idea according to which contemporary art is elitist.

This system brings art to people who perhaps stumble upon a work. Then he discovers a world, reads what it is about, listens to the audio that explains and tells it. Maybe people become curious and go to look for information on the author and then also go to visit a contemporary art museum. Here, these outdoor works are a way to bring people into museums, but also to bring art to the people".

What then is a museum, if we try to imagine it as a space en plain air?

«An open museum that dialogues with people and allows everyone to have a cognitive experience with the work», replies Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. Which then specifies the objective of the Fondazione Per l'Arte Contemporanea CRT: to change the way of seeing, but also to internationalize the collection and expand it.

Through education and training, but also the activation of citizenship. Et voilà: the site-specific works enrich the heritage of the Foundation but also that of the territory, other acquisitions are planned and specific nuclei of the collection are ready to travel abroad, while Piedmontese inhabitants and tourists are protagonists of diversified educational projects, from training professional to direct participation during the ideational and creative process of the artists in residence, up to their function of valorising the territory in the tourism sector.

Art is for everyone. And those who don't enter museums will have no escape: the works will go to them!