The famous tax expert, aka The Prism, has inaugurated a new artistic and spiritual space in Milan: we asked him to tell us about it

After the success of his temporary project "Project Revelation" at the Fuorisalone 2023, Stefano Simontacchi, aka The Prism, now inaugurates the Prism Core Center.

A job that developed in parallel with his profession as a tax expert and president of the board of directors of the Fondazione Ospedale Buzzi and board member of Rcs, Prada and ISPI.

Located in Piazza Napoli 22 in Milan, this innovative artistic space offers a unique experience. A journey which, through the voice and works of Stefano Simontacchi, which he calls "portals" and "seals", leads to the depth of emotions. Offering a precious moment of detachment from the daily frenzy, it is more than a simple journey: an invitation to immerse yourself in art in an intimate way.

The Prism Core Center is configured as an open platform, which in addition to artistic exploration, seeks to create dialogues and activities with the public, overcoming the limits of conventional art.

The initiative was born from 25 years of spiritual research by Stefano Simontacchi, characterized by a creative process free from ego, where the works emerge in an intuitive and mysterious way. To discover the deeper meaning of the project, we asked The Prism directly to share his vision.

What is the thinking behind the project?

Stefano Simontacchi, alias The Prism: “The Prism Core Center is based on the transmission of meanings deriving from my spiritual research into the meaning of existence. I do not limit this project to a specific form of spirituality; anyone, with or without faith, can undertake the journey. However, the core of the creative process shares elements with shamanism: trance and vision.

During meditation, I experience total annihilation, creating a state of trance, followed by a vision in which I perceive symbols and colors which I then transform into portals and sigils.

These elements draw inspiration from distant cultural concepts, often transmitting the concept of union and the cancellation of dichotomous thinking. The symbolism, however, remains hidden, allowing the individual to live an authentic experience without being influenced by my interpretation of the work."

How did you go from the idea and the temporary to a permanent space?

Stefano Simontacchi, alias The Prism: “It all started from my need to find a moment of pause in the daily frenzy. From here, I approached meditation, which stimulated the creative process, giving life to the first portals and seals.

This path led to the design of Project Revelation, curated by Marco Senaldi, inaugurated in Milan during Design Week 2023, at Bank Space.

The exhibition was free to enter and was supposed to end around May, but was extended until July. Faced with numerous requests, I decided to make it permanent, convinced that in a city like Milan, always on the move, dedicating time to yourself is sometimes essential.

In the search for suitable spaces, we identified a place in Piazza Napoli that was ideal in terms of size and location. Thus Project Revelation evolved permanently into The Prism Core Center.”

How is the project supported?

Stefano Simontacchi, alias The Prism: “To financially support the space of The Prism Core Center, I have chosen to sell the works to selected collectors, making sure they understand the thinking behind the project.

My personal goal was to preserve the authenticity of art, avoiding commodifying it for its pure aesthetics, maintaining the emotional aspect of the works.

This choice was made possible thanks to meeting professionals who share a similar perspective to mine. For example, the collaboration with Marco Senaldi, curator of The Prism, developed like a friendship. Similarly, Claudio Meli, a leading figure in the Italian financial sector, contributes to the sale of the works without obtaining personal benefits, as he believes in the importance of the project and the artistic and spiritual message ”.

How was the collection selected and what are the main themes it addresses?

Stefano Simontacchi, alias The Prism: “The selection of the artistic collection exhibited in this space is strictly linked to emotions, which from my point of view are the basis of our living and of the experiences we go through.

Experimenting with materials, through light and reflection, I try to make these elements resonate to create an atmosphere that not only reflects, but also stimulates the depth of reflection, making art an integral part of an emotional and meaningful dialogue with the public.

Each figure, sign and color does not take on a single meaning, but is enriched by the visitor's personal experience”.

How does the layout of spaces contribute to the experience of reflection through art?

Stefano Simontacchi, alias The Prism: “The architecture and layout of the spaces are essential to encourage the experience of reflection. In particular, in the Project Revelation itinerary the dimensions of the rooms, their shape and the absence of light, except for that emanating from the works, are deliberately designed to guide the visitor through a path of rediscovery.

Divided into 7 stages, the journey begins with "Recharge and Rebalancing" and culminates in the highest room, "Soul Meeting (I AM)".

However, the true inner journey comes to life with "Rebirthing" (the third room), where the emotional use of black and the fans that move the walls create a fluid atmosphere, recalling the image of the belly maternal and offering a return to primordial conditions".

How will this space help promote diversity of thought and mutual understanding in Milan?

Stefano Simontacchi, aka The Prism: “The Prism Core Center aims to connect the inner and outer world of each individual, creating meaningful bridges. The art collection, selected based on emotional sources, aims to create common ground for dialogue.

By encouraging the public to reflect and share their interpretations, each work thus becomes a point of connection and discussion, fostering an environment in which different perspectives can converge, nullifying the message that the artist sees in his works, in this case mine”.

What are the plans for the future?

Stefano Simontacchi, alias The Prism: “For the future, three types of events are planned. First of all, there will be a Calendar which each month delves into a different theme linked to the project through 'dialogues', talks open to the public in which the curator Marco Senaldi, myself and a excellent guest we will meet to broaden our knowledge; subsequently, the same theme will be developed by our guest in engaging 'experiences', workshops and meetings in which participants will have an active role.

Parallel to the Calendar, 'meetings' are planned with writers, artists, doctors and scientists, who will have the opportunity to present their works, not always directly connected to our project, but which share a common syntonic meaning.

All of these events aim to further enrich guests' experiences and foster meaningful connections."