Giorgetti at IDW 2021 in the words of its CEO, Giovanni del Vecchio: “We have been offering quality, sustainability and wellbeing since well before the pandemic”

One hundred twenty-three years of experience in woodworking. Ever since 1989 when Luigi Giorgetti founded the cabinet-making workshop that later became his company, Giorgetti has been internationally recognized for the quality of its materials used and the craftsmanship that is combined with the use of new technologies. We talk about it, on the occasion of the presentation of the new collections at Interni Designer’s Week 2021, with Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of the company.

The pandemic has led to a re-evaluation of the domestic space. For Giorgetti, has this changed anything with respect to your way of designing?

From a design point of view, nothing has changed for us. For years we have been following an approach that looks more to the project than to the object to create collections that allow us to create complete environments, from furniture to the world of decoration. We have an offer that includes, in addition to furniture, accessories, lighting, tapestries and decorative objects: everything is made exclusively for us and gives us the opportunity to complete the design of an environment down to the smallest detail. What we do reflects this new way of re-appropriating domestic spaces and we have always been attentive to the issues of health and well-being. To give an example, the new walk-in closet with sanitizer, Miyabi, was designed before the pandemic: it was born from the need to sanitize clothes from metropolitan pollution in a space of decontamination from what was happening outside. Covid has only attracted interest in these issues that we have been working on for some time.

Giorgetti presented the first sustainability report. Can you tell us what the objectives of the company are?

Sustainability for a 123-year-old company is part of its DNA: the environment/health/safety issue has always been central to the Giorgetti Group. This centrality has now been made visible with the presentation of the first sustainability report which measures our attention to all issues related to the topic: not only environment, health and safety but also commitment to the local community, employees, relations with the world of institutions. The plan aims to accompany Giorgetti in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the purposes defined by the UN to promote the protection of the planet and the well-being of the greatest number of individuals by 2030, through a new economic approach. A plan, that is, that leads the company with concrete objectives for improvement, aware that our well-being is also the result of that of the community in which we operate and the environment in which we work. Always following these principles, we are committed to making responsible products, that is, products that last over time and that can pass from generation to generation.

What are you introducing during the IDW 2021?

We will launch the first of the products designed for 2021: Houdini, a sophisticated storage unit designed byRoberto Lazzeroni. It represents the perfect synthesis of our values: the ability to combine craftsmanship with technology. It is the expression of beauty combined with functionality and expresses the awareness of our roots, projecting them into the future.

We are working on products for all living areas and on expanding our outdoor collection, with a view to creating elements that integrate with the rest of our collections. The release of these products is scheduled for September.

Giorgetti in the world: what are your strategies?

We have recently opened a single-brand store in London, among the many difficulties of the moment, one in Los Angeles and we will expand our presence in New York with a space that will complement the existing one. We are planning a showroom in Shanghai that will become our point of excellence in Asia.

We are always operational and with more energy than before!