The encounter between Cappellini's minimalism and Elena Salmistraro's exuberance, the news with the Marangoni Institute and the challenge as Artistic Director for IGV Group: for Giulio Cappellini, new creativity is made up of unexpected short circuits

Ideas and enthusiasm have always characterized the work of Giulio Cappellini, talent scout, entrepreneur and, for years, also imbued with the training system thanks to the collaboration with the Marangoni Institute. On the occasion of INTERNI Designer's Week Milan, we talked with him about programs and approaches: knowing when, for him, the creation of new steps always through the creation of unexpected connections...

What happens in the Cappellini space (via Santa Cecilia 4) during the Interni Designer's Week in Milan?

This year I asked Elena Salmistraro to interpret the Cappellini world because I find it interesting to combine Elena's exuberant sign with the minimalist matrix that characterizes our products. I liked the comparison between the two worlds. To respond also to the current situation, we staged Amor Fati: a title that reinterprets the philosophical theme of the active acceptance of what happens with a positive drive to overcome difficulties. Elena's dreamlike imagery, hyper-decorativeism and eclectic language are combined in the Cappellini space with the natural and sophisticated shades of sand and gray, enlivened by details in yellow, green, blue and black that define the 2021 novelties signed, as well as by me, by Jasper Morrison, Cyril Dunděra & Matěj Janský and Francesco Forcellini. The products are presented with a rigorous scheme that contrasts with Elena Salmistraro's set-up which includes decisive and intense decorative interventions on walls and floors. It is a symbol of Amor Fati, the snake, which wanders in the environment with the grace and irony typical of Elena.

You have always collaborated with the Istituto Marangoni, as Ambassador and Art Director of the Design Campus, as well as managing the institute's special initiatives and projects. What are the programs for this year?

I'm interested in making connections. On the one hand with companies: beyond the didactic phase, it is right that young people come into contact with those who represent Made in Italy. These design contests begin with an analysis of the chosen company from which the themes to work on emerge, which can be a product, a communication project or finishes. The first design contest this year was led by Elena Salmistraro with Moroso. Now he is starting a project with Alias, on the world of the office, led by Philippe Nigro. Finally, the third planned will be on the design of objects and will be followed by a professional from the Nendo studio with Alessi. On the other hand, I organize meetings with designers from all over the world: they not only describe their way of designing but share their career from the very beginning. This is to make the kids understand that behind every success story there must be passion, ability and great professionalism. Among the invited characters, very different from each other, there are: Bethan Laura Wood, Nendo, Patricia Urquiola, Carlo Colombo, Piero Lissoni.

Let's now talk about his recent role as art director of IGV Group, a company that is located in the elevator sector. A very special challenge...

I like to work with companies in sectors other than furniture. IGV Group is a very interesting company, with a completely internal production cycle, including the development of technologies: it has invented revolutionary solutions in this sector. My starting point was to find new ways. The first arises from the consideration that, during the drafting of an architectural project, there are elements that are not considered, such as the lift. So you have to think about integrating it very strongly within a project, making it, itself, a qualified and qualifying element of the building. For this we can create ad hoc projects, based on needs, studying both the interiors and the technology that best suits that context.

Not only that, we also involve several designers to create particular lifts, the first of which is called On Air and is designed by the Marco Piva studio: an envelope with ethereal boundaries, in which the internal and external spaces merge and merge to give to those who enter an extraordinary immersive experience. While the latest Sky Lift, by the MaMa Design studio, brings together creativity and technology: here an ellipsoidal skylight opens onto the ceiling and simulates the visual sensation of the sky and the sun, giving emotions. Finally, we have already developed a sanitation system that can be inserted on all our lifts: because beauty, functionality and health, today more than ever, must walk together.