‘Take your Time’ is the name that, at the IDW 2021, clusters the Poltrona Frau’s new products. Because, as CEO Nicola Coropulis explains, time is the most precious thing we have

A spirit that bases its solid roots on over a century of history but which always pushes forward looking at new challenges. While Interni Designer 's Week opens its doors, Nicola Coropulis, CEO of Poltrona Frau, takes stock of the theme that he has placed at the center of the new collections: time.

There is the time of history and that of contemporaneity. Let’s start from the first: how are tradition and innovation reconciled?

We have a very strong tradition but we do not give up on ours proactive role to offer solutions that meet the needs of the times in which we live. The history of this company has always been based on innovation even if it has its roots in a profound tradition of Italian know-how: its added value is precisely that of knowing how to make it current every time. This is why we combine the craftsmanship with the industrial dimension: for us it is the best protection of the artisan value of our products. Only through the industrial scale it is possible to enhance what is the artisan process, leaving to technology the task of doing better and with greater safety everything that does not constitute a real added value.

The pandemic has changed the way people live in the home. Does this represent an opportunity for design companies?

Suddenly, after years of escaping, the house is once again the center of the new life. For us this represented an opportunity: there is a need to include more comfortable, more functional products that last over time and can be used for different purposes in homes. We have worked to provide solutions that give a concrete and serious response to the challenges that this new dimension of domestic spaces poses to us.

During the Design Week you will present the news in your Milan showroom (via Manzoni 30). Can you tell us about them?

‘Take your Time’ is the name that encompasses our news: because time is the most precious thing we have. Poltrona Frau wants to offer a more comfortable and functional way of living one's time at home, the fulcrum today of private life but also work and social life. The presentation will be multisensory and will touch three senses: sight, with 'Take your Time' products, smell with a line of fragrance diffusers created in collaboration with Acqua di Parma. And touch, with the inclusion of fine fabrics from the Loro Piana interiors collection. As a sofa, we will present In The Mood, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, an evolution of the horizontal sign already present in the Gran Torino but much more rigorous and architectural: geometric but comfortable shapes with the seat in wadding and polyurethane and the cushions in feather d ' goose. It can be upholstered in leather or fabric and has a great attention to functionality: for example, the armrest can be a container and host the wiring. Soft and welcoming lines are instead the characteristic of the Archibald Gran Comfort armchair, also designed by Massaud, with goose down padding, which in this new version is covered in fabric and becomes removable.

Among the new products, poetic and functional at the same time, is the Plot screen, designed by GamFratesi: a masterpiece of craftsmanship with intertwining strips of leather, in different colors, which create geometric patterns. A beautiful object designed to redefine your space at home. To meet the needs of the new needs that emerged during the pandemic, Iren was also born, designed by Kensaku Oshiro: a small desk, perfect for domestic spaces, equipped with two floors, one of which can slide outside, expanding the surface of the 'support. To tickle the sense of smell we have created diffusers, both for the home and for the car, also designed by GamFratesi, with 9 fragrances made by Acqua di Parma. Finally, with Loro Piana, we have included new fine fabrics that were missing in the collection: a 100% cashmere, a wool and cashmere blend and a 100% natural wool.