Roberta Borrelli's profile is full of things that design needs to communicate on social networks, from the project to real life, as we would tell a friend

It's an exercise we've done a thousand times: taking the design and putting it next to the word influencer.

What was born of it was almost never a love story: sometimes a flirt, more often a first date gone wrong, like those arranged meetings where a friend introduces himself because "you absolutely have to get to know each other", except for saying goodbye half an hour later, at the first bar not really successful.

Roberta Borrelli with design is instead a love story that grows every day, relaunched by the Instagram profile make_your_home.

A story in which project and social communication bind perfectly, driven by the intuition of a professional who, even before being an influencer, or precisely because of this, is an interior architect, capable of making his home, and of his life, a story open to the public.

In Make your home, furniture and objects become protagonists never descended from above: subjects of a choral story mixed by a professionalism that links design and social media and cancels in a slow tempo , reasoned and thought out, the obsession with the 'K factor, the follower anxiety that burns hundreds of projects making them artificial.

"Make_your_home reaches the public as a spontaneous operation because I communicate myself above all as an architect" explains Roberta.

"Only after my profession is clear, it makes sense that I can define myself as an influencer, provided that by this word we mean someone who has a story to tell for his audience, who connects with his own life and his own choices".

The inspiration behind the profile - which was born in 2012 as a blog, continues on Instagram and accompanies Roberta from Naples to Milan, where she has lived since 2017 - is spontaneous, but with an evident design thread: to tell his own story as an architect who lives the house (and houses) and questions himself every day, in his own rooms or on the construction site, about the meaning of a piece of furniture, an object, of contemporary living itself.

And she does it with the voice and arguments he would use with friends.

Thus, when a piece of furniture or an object is missing, be it a sofa, the right curtains or a teapot, they are born from scratch, thanks to a collaboration that Roberta activates with large and small realities, but always in a natural way, transporting into the digital the historic formula of made in Italy which has always been a way of giving birth to something from a spontaneous and punctual need.

In this way, the posts become not the celebration of things landed on the profile following more or less disguised sponsorships, as often happens on digital platforms, but the natural outlet of a search, whose authenticity followers appreciate. strong> that comes from a kind of laboratory continuous.

Workshop is not a casual term: that of the workshop, to be experienced analogically by meeting one's own community, is in fact a dimension that Roberta has always explored, nourishing her storytelling with two complementary faces.

The most recent, Housing metaphors, started from the survey Housing for single people in collaboration with the photographer Massimiliano Tuveri , is the laboratory that has opened the Makeyourhomestudio home to ten professionals to develop together with them a survey on living, moved by a series of evidences that these years of pandemic emergency have placed in the foreground.

"The evidence, which also concerns me, is that singles also live in houses designed for the family and adapted to their lives.

Thus, with Tuveri we asked ourselves if the prevalence of this cultural attitude regarding the design of the house is still acceptable, in short, if there will be an evolution in future design that looks at how people's lives have changed.

We have identified ten profiles of people throughout Italy who live alone for the most diverse reasons and we have associated a professional to each one. We will see the result of the workshop at the next Milan Design Week”.

Roberta continues: "In recent months, I have realized how the house has become the ultimate space for the exercise of our imagination, the warehouse house of memory where objects are more often meanings and not tools, where the nucleus is no longer collective but individual.

While outside, on the outside, from behaviors to consensus, it risks being all mass, inside, at home, we work to make the individual structure of values readable in relation to the domestic space".

Thought, therefore, feeds Instagram and Instagram feeds thought, in a virtuous circle that poses a question: why is it so difficult for many architects and designers to do what Roberta does well?

"Perhaps it is a generational fact, or perhaps it depends on the fear of not being up to it or not having stories to tell.

Overcoming fear with a little courage is the invitation I feel like making: architecture and design can only gain if we don't leave this story to those who don't have the right professionalism ".