A former typography transformed by Roberto Cominetti, Gilberto Bonelli, Gigio Moratti and Gianni Vesentini to promote synergies and collaborations between culture and design professionals, startups and companies linked to sustainability

Motel D goes beyond the single idea of ​​a club, coworking, office or production studio, but it unites in itself all these different and complementary souls in a space that does not want limits . Its environments are offered for everyday work, for digital events and in the presence, for relaxation and for business, with a view to multifunctionality profitable, even from a human and creative point of view.

A New York-inspired location a handful of steps from Porta Romana.

A renovation that enhances the historical structural elements of former industrial space and supports them with a circular interior design idea where recovery becomes the protagonist. A building that blends the individual dimension with the collective one. And, again, the attention to sustainability, with the use of renewable sources and the partnership with companies active in the field of ecology.

These, in short, are the pillars on which the Creative Members Club Motel D is based, the space of over 700 square meters in Viale Caldara 11/13 created by Roberto Cominetti, Gilberto Bonelli, Gigio Moratti and Gianni Vesentini in 2021, active from April 2022.

And which will host Young Eyes, Young Souls: a Youthful Take on Contemporary Photography, the collective exhibition on the occasion of Milano Photo Festival 2022 born from the collaboration between Looking for Art, Motel D and Kooness.

Not only that, the multifunctional and multifaceted space will also host Motel D Residency, a cultural project curated by Edoardo De Cobelli: an artistic residence that will involve not only artists, but also directors, writers and researchers, offering them a free sharing experience for three months. exchange and creation. In the name of transversal creativity.

"We noticed the lack of physical spaces that bring together creative professionals, thus favoring the exchange between disciplines. This is why we decided to open the doors of Motel D, creating a creative club for members, where they can work, meet, make plans, exchange ideas, organize events or simply relax. We believe that only together we can do truly great things."

Roberto Cominetti, Gilberto Bonelli, Gigio Moratti and Gianni Vesentini, experienced professionals, visionaries, deeply rooted in the present, but capable of grasping all the solicitations of the future and transforming desires and projects into places to live and inhabit, for this project they have inspired by the clubs of the Anglo-Saxon tradition and the effervescent and very exclusive ones of the Big Apple.

For the realization, instead, to the know-how of Diorama, the studio founded by Bonelli and Vesentini in 2016, capable of "transforming dreams into experiences". Motel D's 'D' indicates this origin.

Motel D is a former printing house. From the entrance you can feel the industrial inspiration that recalls New York, with a mood reminiscent of a 70s loft in Soho. A strong influence shaped to obtain a location with a unique personality. To characterize the interiors, to tighten the link and continuity between its past as an industrial building and the present, speak the high ceilings, the windows embedded in the wall divided by thin profiles, the rough texture of the walls of exposed red bricks partially worn by time.

To complete its character and make it welcoming, the furnishings with soft lines, the warmth of wood, the precious fabrics, the leather of the sofas that welcome members with sobriety and indisputable elegance. Each piece of furniture has a sustainable history: some come from small second-hand shops, others from private collections, others are made with 100% recyclable materials. They all tell a story. Motel D welcomes its members to tell and create new stories.

The arrangement of the numerous rooms available is contemporary and effective: open space in the work areas, with planted walls and large green corners. Meeting rooms divided between them by transparent soundproof walls, to ensure maximum privacy, leaving the gaze free to expand, at the thought of overflowing.

A fully equipped photographic studio also for virtual production with green screen and control room. A coffee shop designed to meet all requests and a beautiful garden private. And, of course, many other services such as high speed internet & amp; wi-fi access in all areas of the building.

The goal of this project is stated: to promote synergies and collaborations between professionals in culture, design, fashion and startups and companies related to sustainability. Motel D wants to be a place where you can meet the right people to grow projects, ideas, business and the future.

A place where you can network in a satisfactory way, invite guests, but above all enjoy the Club spaces themselves, in a welcoming, refined, reserved, but fluid context, capable of breaking down the concept of office and expanding to that, powerful and visionary, of community. It is ready to offer this community events, contemporary art and design exhibitions, but also meetings and conferences. Always with particular attention to sustainability: the Club will encourage all members to collaborate by including a circular approach in their professional practice as well as in their daily life in Motel D.

"Motel D creates a new exchange platform, a new sharing of skills and strengths, it is a fight against individuality and selfishness, it is a new way of conceiving a circular society that feeds on the synergistic action of all those who participate", conclude the shareholders.