It is the first Italian brand that explores NFTs. It does so with a metaphysical interpretation of two icons of international design

Design and NFTs: a new theme. The first Italian brand to break the ice is Nemo Lighting and it does so with a project which involved the designer Luca Baldocchi. His reinterpretation of the icons Nuvola (Mario Bellini) and Potence Pivotante (Charlotte Perriand) in a digital version is a real leap into the darkness of crypto design. And is also an invitation to made in Italy design not to be left behind, to start frequenting new digital assets by experimenting with the communication skills and the revolution they suggest.

What's so new about NFTs?

First of all, every NFT work is a digital object that has a life of its own, fortunately controllable and more secure than ever. In fact, it is not a question of throwing authorial contents into the void of the metaverse (which is not so empty), but of exploiting technological tools in the best possible way. The possibilities are truly endless and even crypto experts struggle to fully see the many applications of Blockchain content.

To list the most immediate advantages, those that will most likely become the first uses of NFT products in the world of design, we certainly start from the diffusion of content and the undeniable fascination that a digital set and a metaphysical interpretation of a product have on the general public. And when you say big, you are actually talking about a critical mass that goes beyond the design community. NFTs are a way to introduce made in Italy to people who know little about it and, of course, to a younger audience.

The metaverse goes fast

It is in this direction that Nemo Lighting is moving. Giulia Di Pinto, communications manager, explains: "NFT and crypto design are moving very quickly: for this reason it seemed right to ask Luca Baldocchi to work with us on this issue". There is no time to waste, but Nemo faces the new territory with the right prudence. Not products developed for the metaverse, but great classics inserted in a surreal scenario in which they acquire a different power of language .

"The interesting part is the integration of creativity and technology in a movement born from below", continues Giulia Di Pinto. "We can speak of the hybridization of physical and digital, which immerses the viewer in a much more complete experience than a traditional image. It is still an immature world, but young people attend it with ease and this is a fundamental signal for our strategic choices".

A metaphysical set for a product is only the first step

Nemo Lighting has a happy relationship with the world of art in its DNA. He owns a collection, deals with museum lighting. An open dialogue between design and artistic expression, which naturally led Nemo to consider Crypto Art, and consequently the nascent Crypto Design, a new frontier to explore.

The first test, the two works by Luca Baldocchi, has the air of a dress rehearsal. The NFT images are on the Founder platform, one of the many marketplaces where you can see, download or buy Crypto Art. These are in effect two works of art in which the objects of Perriand and Bellini are inserted as the protagonists of a painting. Therefore, we still cannot speak of real Crypto Design destined to live a life of its own in the metaverse or to never have a physical alter ego. But we are only at the beginning: Nemo is already working on more complex projects.

A new frontier to protect ideas

The other part of immediate use of NFTs concerns the protection of intellectual property. Blockchains guarantee the continuous tracking of all information concerning an image, a project, a process. Modifying a Blockchain has such high costs that it would be worth it only in exceptional cases and if you have huge amounts of money. Reason why Smart Contracts were born: contracts that regulate the relationship between creative ideation and its users.

In addition to the obvious legal advantages, different scenarios open up for the free dissemination of projects which, if at present they become part of a still chaotic mare magnum, however, have on their side the certainty of having an owner, a series of owners and a historian. of its commercial life. And it's not cheap.