Where there is a similar vision on design, there is the possibility of creating partnerships. And the convergence of different forces united by a common purpose is an indispensable weapon for doing business in the contemporary landscape

* Aldo Pianca, President of Pianca and Pianca & Partners founder

Creating convergences is almost a natural obligation, an evolutionary thrust in the contemporary panorama. In fact, we live in a fluid present, in which values, tastes, flavors and knowledge mix and are integrated in a continuous becoming that pushes us and helps us to look beyond.

Just think of the creative convergences that occur between different and apparently distant worlds: as between science and art, between technology and publishing, between biology and design.

The same evolutionary push is what, in the business world, leads us to think of concepts of convergence between different realities, united by a common goal. In the case of design: promoting Italian living.

Basically, being a partner means exactly this: each with its contribution, each with its own ability to interpret the present  with products, services, systems. Because it is the sum of the singularities that gives life to something unique, contemporary, functional and innovative.

Pianca & Partners was born from listening to the needs of people, of designers and those who are in the building trade and are working on an idea, a property, a space, a place to accommodate other needs and desires.

This was the starting point to create a new interlocutor for the world of design: one that facilitates relations between professionals and companies, favoring a flexible, dynamic and tailor-made development model.

But it was a project whose birth, before any strategic evaluation, was determined above all by the relationships between people, by the relationships of collaboration, both human and professional, with many entrepreneurs in the supply chain who have now become Partners. It was a spontaneous, natural process... unique precisely because it was founded on singularities. And this is what we want to preserve and offer to our interlocutors: uniqueness.

Convergence therefore means elective affinity. Because doing business together – as well as doing innovation, producing creativity and encouraging disruption – means sharing: not only a commercial vision, but above all a design and personal sensitivity. In Italy there are many stories of design excellence, but only with some there was a sort of natural selection that led to finding oneself and choosing oneself.

The elective affinity is determined by a common approach to design, meant not only as methodology and quality, but also as passion, commitment, attention... And in our case also by the same desire to push forward the borderline between beauty and usefulness, aesthetics and necessity, industry and craftsmanship. We started from this affinity to shape together a system of relationships between companies, operators and designers.

Thanks to this complementarity and affinity of the participants, Pianca & Partners is a multifunctional, eclectic, versatile model that offers concrete advantages.

Direct interaction with partner companies allows you to shorten the supply chain, saving time, resources and costs: to simplify processes, each customer can also choose to have a single contact person or deal directly with the selected companies. This makes us the suitable interlocutor not only for designers, architects or interiors, but also developers, builders and investors in various sectors, from residential to hotels, from naval to real estate, with a particular eye on tailor-made, which is increasingly in demand, both at product and project level. And this certainly represents an opportunity for Made in Italy: because it is precisely the attention to detail, quality, uniqueness that has helped to consolidate a value and a capacity that the whole world recognizes in us.

Here, the new showroom in Milan designed by the studio Calvi Brambilla, epicenter of Pianca & Partners: 26 brands, complementary to each other, united in a eamless and synergistic collaboration to cover the needs of the entire design chain: Agha, Alice Ceramica, Ardeco, Artesi, Barausse, Castaldi Lighting, Delta Dore, Diquigiovanni, Dnd, Dorelan, Florim, Garbelotto, K-array, KE, Londonart, Mareno, Margraf, Milani, Nahoor Limelight, Nord Resine, Oikos, Palazzani, Pianca, Santo Passaia, Talenti, Vitrik.