A new navigation, lots of space for production news and insights, an ever closer synergy with social media. Our site is renewed

A few days after the second edition of Interni Designer's Week, internimagazine.it changes its skin. Not a revolution but an evolution: the look and sections of the menu change, but the passion and competence with which INTERNI with its System, has been telling the world of design and architecture since 1954, remain intact.

This is a universe in which 'everything immediately and just a click away' dominates but which, precisely for this reason, increasingly needs communication spaces in which to alternate short news with in-depth information, inspiration with the analysis. For us, a site must be a place in which to develop shared stories: with companies in the sector, with designers, architects, theorists, in total respect of an increasingly attentive and informed public.

After the happy experience of Interni Design Journal, which began as a post-lockdown experiment and has become an essential section of in-depth analysis for our site, Internimagazine.it therefore expands its online presence: to leave more and more space for information on the world of design, by connecting all the elements of its system in a unicum accessible from several places (paper, web, social networks) and in several ways (articles, videos, galleries and, soon, even podcasts).

For those looking for quick inspiration on new furniture, there is the newly born Wall. For those who want to learn more, the Design / Furniture section offers analysis on production. An Interior section collects many stories of houses, also designed for a wider audience. While under the heading Architecture you will find, as always, the best of international projects, often exclusively for our magazine. An Insights section instead gives ample space to Interviews, Opinions, Inquiries, Company Stories and Profiles of the characters who, every day, contribute to evolving the culture of design.

Each week, our Newsletter will bring to our 20 thousand contacts the best of what we have told on the site, while Interni Design Journal will continue to be the container of thematic insights, structured in its dedicated Home Page.

Let's start today, but in a few days internimagazine.it will experience its first transformation, becoming also the theater of the third edition of Interni Designer's Week, born in 1990 when the Salone del Mobile skipped its annual edition and returned to being in September 2020 on the occasion of the pandemic. In fact, from 12 to 23 April, the Interni initiative will occupy the entire space of the site with insights and testimonials, with the Design Journal in a daily format and with a schedule of Design Talk in streaming (from 13 to 22 April). All told through a daily newsletter (to receive it in your inbox every morning click here).

Enjoy your exploration of the new site and enjoy your reading.