The news of the death of the Brazilian designer, who was 61, was communicated tonight on the Estudio Campana Instagram account

Fernando Campana died yesterday. The Brazilian designer was 61 years old.

Fernando Campana was, together with his brother Humberto with whom he founded Estudio Campana in 1984, the symbol of design inspired by the poetics of the street (but also committed to the social issues that derive from it) and reaches far: in galleries, in the international furnishings, in museums without ever losing the revolutionary charge of thought that originated it.

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The duo's projects for Edra, the recent installation and collection for Paola Lenti and the many projects still kept in design museums all over the world.

In 2019, the Campana Brothers participated at the Interni Human Spaces FuoriSalone 2019 event with an installation at the University of Milan, the year in which Estudio Campana celebrated 35 years of activity: a very long period of activity, always focused on research, the use of alternative materials, the effort to use the project to talk about social, environmental, economic, political issues.

"It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Fernando Campana today, November 16, in São Paulo," reads the firm's Instagram account.

"We appreciate everyone's sympathy and ask that the family's privacy be respected at this time."

The memory of Monica Mazzei, vice president of Edra

Fernando Campana passed away, unfortunately prematurely. With great pain I learned this news.

I met the Campana brothers with the Vermelha, an armchair made of rope, 500 meters woven by hand. The following year Vermelha was presented at the 1998 Milan Furniture Fair and in October it was exhibited at the MOMA in NY.

Our collaboration began like this and has been going on for 25 years. He has produced unique pieces, with a strong character, which always surprise. They are not born from the drawing, but are expressed through the material with which they are made. They are housed in the most important museums, they decorate the Café Campana at the Orsay Museum, but above all they are in the homes of those who have chosen them recognizing their great value.

They have a soul and always carry a lot of Brazil with them. Massimo Morozzi said that the Campana brothers are not designers but a "therapy".

Fernando was the architect brother. We will miss him.

"We are storytellers at heart, only we use materials instead of words.

Our pieces are like actors looking for an author, like Luigi Pirandello's drama.

Our perception of everyday life and the creative gaze infuse each object with poetry, soul and character".

Fernando and Humberto Campana