Arganto. Gabriele Devecchi, Between Art & Design is the first podcast that delves into the multifaceted artistic personality of Gabriele Devecchi: six episodes written by Alberto Saibene and narrated by David Plaisant

Rereading an already (very well) known story and doing it with a new, unprecedented approach was the adventure that Alice, Giacomo and Matteo Devecchi embarked on when they decided to dedicate a podcast to the great artist, their father, GabrieleDevecchi (Milan, 1938-2011).

An intense and not simple experience, because it is the result of long and meticulous archive work, but above all because it is the final stage of a sweet obstacle course between memories and findings regarding an intimate person like a father, but at the same time a multifaceted artistic figure with immeasurable creative scope.

The result is the podcastArganto. Gabriele Devecchi, Between Art & Design, presented by the Devecchi Archive and coordinated by the three children Alice, Giacomo and Matteo.

An unusual format - and for this reason already highly appreciated - to tell the story of a designer, goldsmith, architect and teacher. Accomplice, the broad and multifaceted figure of Devecchi, which recalled the need to approach a different type of in-depth analysis, capable of traveling and stopping, intertwining and rereading the salient moments of the Milanese designer.

Organized in six episodes, the podcast dedicated to Gabriele Devecchi tells the professional and personal story of the goldsmith and architect, who experimented with his artistic streak in disparate fields: among all silver, in fact.

"To develop it, we approached a transmedia method" Alice Devecchi, coordinator of the project together with the brothers, tells us: "we wanted to test a new format, compared to the more usual biographies and monographs, which allowed us to explore a necessary dimension, the narrative one, to reread a story that we already knew, and very well too".

The podcast, presented on April 4th at the Triennale of Milan, is written by Alberto Saibene and told through the voice of David Plaisant: Arganto, Gabriele Devecchi _ Between Art & Designtells the complex figure of Devecchi, through the testimonies, memories, reflections of friends and colleagues, critics, family members, collaborators and artists.

A choir of voices (and sounds) intervened to reflect on the kaleidoscopic figure of Devecchi, composed of his children Alice, Giacomo and Matteo together with Alessandra Acocella, Giovanni Anceschi, Alberto Bassi, Davide Boriani, Lindsay Caplan, Valentino Catricalà, Ugo La Pietra, Joel Langford, Lucilla Meloni, Marco Meneguzzo, Enrico Morteo, Anty Pansera, Nicoletta Petrus, Margit Rosen, Marco Sammicheli, Grazia Varisco.

Gabriele Devecchi _ Between Art & Designis a project created thanks to the support of the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture as part of the Italian Council (12th edition, 2023), the international promotion program for contemporary art Italian.

Cover photo: Scultura da prendere a calci, Gabriele Devecchi