Alberto Alessi and Daniela Fantini talk about the great communicator who passed away on 9 June who was also, for both of them, a personal friend and strategic guide

Last June 9, Renato Sartori passed away, a key adviser for communication of Alessi and Fantini and a leading figure - through a career that saw him as a strategic protagonist since the 70s – for the whole world of design.

Alberto Alessi and Daniela Fantini remember him with these two interventions.

My life with Renato Sartori, by Alberto Alessi

Renato has been with me since middle school, then at the Santa Maria di Pallanza high school and at the Cattolica in Milan.

He joined Alessi in 1972, two years after me, to occupy the role of communications manager.

It was essential to have him by my side when we started collaborating with the advertisers Muccini, Pirella and Goettsche, Castiglioni combining for many years campaigns that in their own way made history, and while I attempted the most daring design operations that would rewrite history by Alessi.

At a certain point in his career he left the company to found his own communication agency, Shaker, with which he continued to deal with Alessi until a few years ago when he decided to retire well from the stage.

I don't feel like talking about this first friend of mine because I prefer to remember him in his best years, with his preparation, his sensitivity and his commitment, with his seriousness that sometimes seemed excessive and with his pipe that he never learned to smoke with conviction.

As high school students, imagining our ambitious future, we had invented a game: who would have written “My life with Alberto Alessi” or “My life with Renato Sartori”?

This time you won, dear Renato.

Renato Sartori, an indispensable guide, by Daniela Fantini

Renato Sartori has been an indispensable guide who has supported me from the beginning, when I started my entrepreneurial journey at a very young age.

A mentor, a cardinal point who indicated the route and suggested paths, with a clear strategic vision to bring Fantini to international level
the reference for the sector in the world of design and high-end products.

An attentive adviser with a sober and discreet manner who never lost sight of the company's long-term goals.
And a man of great culture who was happy to share with everyone.

For me and for us at Fantini he has always been "Dr. Sartori". Even when he joked, "Enough of this doctor!" we could not give him the tu.
It was our way of underlining our respect for his figure, for the culture and knowledge of him that he instilled in all of us.

In all the time that he has been with us, since the early nineties, he has never failed to give us the best advice on everything.
We will miss him dearly and leave a great void.

We who are believers, as he was, are sure that he will continue to guide us from above, as he has always done and perhaps even more so.