Style and furnishing tips for the mountain home. One which, in autumn-winter, becomes a safe haven and a stress-free space away from the urban frenzy. Warm and intimate, ready to welcome you for the snow season

Hairpin bend after hairpin bend, to reach the mountain house, your happy refuge at altitude, far from the chaos and frenzy.

Whether it is located at 900 meters above sea level, among chestnut, beech and birch woods, or above 2000 metres, surrounded by evergreen trees and snow-capped peaks, the Alpine suggestion remains the same, as does the desire to make the interiors of this house holiday as warm, intimate and welcoming as possible.

We asked the architect Paolo Rota, co-founder of the studio Rota Giorgino, to share the beststyle and furnishing tips to make the most of your refuge at high altitude.

From materials to colours, the recommended choices

«The first rule of the interior of the mountain house: recall the sense of peace that immersion in Alpine nature always gives, almost a regeneration of the senses and a rooting in the 'essential, comments Rota.

From theory to practice, here's how: «introducing natural material elements inspired by the territory is always a winning choice.

Wood and stone win hands down, having the foresight to choose reclaimed wood, for example taken from former local cabins, barns and sheds for tools that have fallen into disuse.

For stones as for wood, it is nice to note a direct connection with the landscape: for example in Val d'Aosta the Aosta green marble wins, while in Trentino Alto Adige porphyry prevails.

On the color side, however, a touch of green certainly cannot be missing, perhaps in the forest and moss shades for bedspreads, curtains and carpets, to obtain a direct echo of mountain nature, without forgetting the powerful anti-stress effect exerted by these nuances.

Green can also involve furnishing elements, from armchairs to wall units, perhaps in contrast with light or dark wood, depending on your aesthetic preferences. The combination with total white furnishings or wallpapers is always appreciated, to recall the whiteness of the snow.

Forest effect guaranteed.

To warm up the atmosphere, just add touches of red, the festive color par excellence (and it's immediately a countdown to Christmas!)".

Furnishing styles for the refuge at high altitude

As always, on the furniture side, owner-friendly choices win. «However», reiterates Rota, «for the mountain house there are simply timeless styles to take inspiration from, then taking care to interpret them in a creative and personalized way.

In pole position is the rustic style, as long as you avoid excesses (dark wood, inlays, checkered motifs, heavy furniture). The risk, in fact, is that of falling into clichés.

The modern style is always an excellent option, but even in this case be careful not to get carried away with minimalism.

A mix between these two styles is welcome, with a harmonious synergy of wood and local stone, handcrafted furniture and more contemporary design elements.

Nordic inspiration is also welcome: for a hygge-chic effect, just focus on light wood essences, further lightening the tones with white, beige and light gray furnishing elements.

Take care of the lighting, combining the always functional fixed ceiling elements with spot lamps, to obtain soft light when needed, for example in the sofa area and bedrooms.

The additional idea? Yes to decorative wallpaper, for example with cloud patterns (see Fornasetti) and fairytale trees (see Cole & Son).

If the house or apartment allows it, yes to the fireplace, both in the traditional and electric versions, with the valid alternative of the tile or ceramic stove.

The result is an immediate sense of warmth, with the creation of the classic warm heart of the house, the one that will bring everyone together around the fire every evening". And it's snowing outside.