From replacing parts to renewing upholstery, the services of companies that increase the life of the furnishings

High-quality furnishings are goods designed to last for life.

We make this premise because repairability is a concept still perceived by some companies with a little diffidence. Many brands responded to our journalistic requests by communicating without problems the repair services they offer to their customers, but there are those who prefer to talk about something else, because, in our opinion, they are afraid of being misunderstood.

We try to clarify: offering a repair service, such as upholstery renewal or leather restoration, is not synonymous with low-quality furniture, which is damaged over time, but it is indeed a guarantee that the furnishings are a lifetime investment, to be handed down to future generations, because they can eventually be renewed over the decades.

Last but not least, in an era of environmental, energy and resource crises like the one we are experiencing, talking about repairability, i.e. thinking in a circular key, fixing things and consume less and better, is not an optional, but it is an imperative, for everyone.

Poltrona Frau: in 2021 240 repairs were carried out in the company, and 120 at home

Poltrona Frau furnishings are assets that are handed down from generation to generation, thanks to the quality and also to the services that prolong their beauty and life.

In 2021, Poltrona Frau carried out 240 repairs in Tolentino, where the company is based, and 120 home interventions.

The brand has a department dedicated to repairs, called the assistance area which, supported by the customer service team, offers the customer the possibility of changing the upholstery of an old product, or receive assistance with any damages.

The furniture, both historical and recent, is collected directly from home, both in Italy and abroad, shipped to Tolentino, restored and restored, and then sent back to the customer.

Poltrona Frau also offers a home assistance service, dedicated to customers in Italy: a team of craftsmen goes to the customer's home to carry out small maintenance jobs, such as cleaning, strengthening of the feathers, small touch-ups, restoration of the leather or replacement of mechanisms such as springs.

In terms of time, for a repair it goes from one hour to five hours, for restoration from two-three days up to five weeks.

Flexform also keeps the templates of models that are out of collection

Flexform is always available, even years later, to replace any damaged component due to wear.

The procedure is simple: through the retailer you can trace the model and measurements, to redo the covers of a sofa, or replace a wheel or the cord of a seat.

In the case of coverings, Flexform also keeps the templates of models that are out of collection, and the customer can choose from all the fabrics and leathers currently in production.

In addition to the covers, a service in great demand is also the refurbishment of the padding, for which the brand offers equal assistance.

"As a company we are certainly pleased to receive these requests, above all because most of the time customers do not want to change their sofa because of the affection that binds them, but even more because the structure is still solid", they tell from Flexform.

Battilossi: in Turin, the carpet restoration gallery

Battilossi, a Turin company specialized in hand-tufted carpets, has a laboratory for the restoration and washing of oriental carpets called Galleria Battilossi strong>.

Founded in 1960 on the initiative of Romolo Battilossi, the gallery of the same name is a point of reference for the maintenance of ancient, recent and every provenance, but also a school where restorers learn the trade.

Since 1998, Marina Battilossi has been carrying on the family art of restoration and conservation.

The services offered by the laboratory include: free home check-ups and estimates, collection and delivery of carpets at no additional cost, manual water washing of antique carpets and kilims , brush washing of tapestries, fabrics, Aubusson, restoration conservative and reconstructive, custody, appraisals, estimates and legal advice.

Each intervention is carried out with artisanal methods by qualified personnel, who follow the same techniques, use the same materials and dyes as the originals to bring the carpets back to their former glory.

Artemide: a lamp is forever

"The philosophy of Artemide is that the product lasts for generations", says Carlotta de Bevilacqua, CEO and president of Artemide.

"Starting from the design, the quality of materials and manufacturing, our lamps are made to last over time and designed to be repaired if any component is damaged by accidental events during use.

Tizio is proof of this. This year it celebrates 50 years, and there are numerous 'original' Tizios who still light up the spaces of those who bought them after half a century. Tizio, as well as Tolomeo, on the market for 35 years now, are a perfect example of how a lamp can have a long life and, if necessary, be repaired and not replaced".

Artemide still produces the historic models, each part of which can be replaced and adjusted, giving the lamps a potentially infinite lifecycle.

The company has specialized repair centers distributed throughout the country, with a network of distributors who take care of the repairs directly. Furthermore, Artemide offers a five-year guarantee for all its products.

Vitra: the factory guarantee up to thirty years

On the Vitra website, there is lots of useful information for maintain and prolong the life of your furniture.

The Swiss company offers a factory guarantee, valid for a period of between ten and thirty years, for the longevity of all new Vitra Originals products, of which it supplies in addition, spare parts, which can be purchased online, can be easily replaced by yourself, such as wheels and skates.

To submit a repair request, simply fill out the form on the site, upload the photo of the product and the production white label, and specify the problem. On the subject of circularity, Vitra also has Circle Store, in Brussels, Frankfurt and Zaandam (The Netherlands), where it resells used furniture and objects from samples, exhibitions and fairs, putting them back into circulation, and where the craftsmen Vitra repair the furniture in the repair stations.

Artek: nothing is destroyed, everything is repaired

Easy to maintain, repair and reuse, Artek products can live in the home almost forever.

Components can be replaced or customized, legs cut, surfaces repainted, fabric upholstery refurbished, or products disassembled and effortlessly reassembled with standard screws.

Online, the Helsinki brand provides customers with a wealth of information on how to restore your home furnishings, such as renewing the linen upholstery belts, with a consultable guide here.

For Artek, nothing is destroyed, but everything is fixed and enhanced: since 2006, the brand has been buying and repairing used Finnish design furniture to make it available again on the Artek 2nd Cycle.

Flos: the lamp without glues, easy to disassemble

Oplight by Jasper Morrison for Flos is a future-proof lamp, designed with a circular approach to last a long time and eventually be recycled at the end of its life.

But, above all, every element can be easily repaired: despite its minimal thickness, Optilight does not use glues, the parts can be separated, replaced individually and adjusted.

The led light board is not glued to the heatsink, as is often the case, so it can be changed quickly, even by any electrician, in case of a breakdown, or when more efficient light sources become available in the future.

In general,  Flos offers a repair and replacement service for all lamps, through the after-sales department at its headquarters in Bovezzo, in the province of Brescia. By contacting official Flos dealers or single-brand stores, each lamp can be repaired and, where possible, updated to adapt to new sources.

Nardi: spare parts can be bought online

Repairing is better than throwing away.

A supporter of the circular approach is Nardi who makes the platform available to customers online to purchase spare parts, with video to facilitate do-it-yourself replacement operations.

Flou: the bed as new, after decades

Flou gives customers the possibility to change the upholstery of the brand's fabric beds or sofas, even from collections that have been out of production for years.

The customer can contact the retailer from whom he purchased the product, and the dealer will forward the request to the company as a normal order, or the customer can contact Flou directly.

To simplify the repair process, each upholstered bed or sofa leaves the company with its own identification number, to be indicated to find the right size and variant of the furniture to be renovated without the possibility of errors.

Stefan Diez costume: the sofa disassembles and repairs itself

Stefan Diez carries out projects that can be easily repaired by users.

An example is Costume, the modular sofa designed in 2021 for Magis, with a structure in recycled and recyclable polyethylene, with easily removable, washable or replaceable cover. A sofa that can be completely disassembled and repaired in its individual parts.

Porro: assistance on wardrobes that are more than twenty years old

Porro customers can renew the Storage cabinets, which the company has been producing since 2000, by requesting the replacement of the parts; just contact the point of sale where the purchase was made or by contacting the brand directly.

Usm Modular Furniture: assistance for 60 years

The Swiss company Usm Modular Furniture has been producing the Usm Haller modular steel system for 60 years, a piece of furniture that many have at home, collect and hand down.

Customers can contact their local dealer to receive support directly at home.

Tectona Paris: the repair workshop in Normandy

Tectona Paris has a workshop in Normandy where it repairs and restores the original splendor of the furniture, thanks to its team of experts cabinet makers.

Tonelli Design: each part can be replaced and fixed

The Marche-based brand Tonelli Design offers the possibility to replace each individual piece of its furnishings.

For example, the Liber bookcase and the Naked seat, which celebrate 20 years this year, can be sent back to the company in the event of damage. Here the furnishings are heated with a special hair dryer at high temperatures, the parts are unglued and replaced.

Another example is the Crossover table, born with the idea of being able to change the various components thanks to a system of easy-to-remove screws.

Giorgetti: from replacing the covers to restoring the padding

Giorgetti undertakes to accept requests for repair or replacement of products from loyal customers who have purchased them in the past, even beyond the legal guarantee and for discontinued collections, when spare parts are still available, with repair services in some cases at home.

The most recurring processes are the replacement of covers, padding or leather parts; sometimes, however, it is necessary to exchange the product for a new one.

As a first step, you need to contact the store where you purchased the product, and if the store no longer exists, you can contact the company directly.

Pedrali: in the contract, repairing is even more important

The issue of repairability is crucial in the contract sector, where furniture is more subject to stains and wear.

Thinking about practicality and ease of maintenance, Pedrali creates printed foams where the upholstery fabric is not glued, therefore it is easily removable, washable and reupholstered by any upholsterer.

Like Ila, the armchair designed by Patrick Jouin, made up of three parts that allow you to renew the upholstery, giving the product a second, or more lives.