A great opportunity for growth with a prestigious partner in the realisation of high-end projects

The value of a product most often depends on all the activities carried out by the different actors involved in the production process for its design, realisation and marketing. By networking and developing synergies, a company becomes part of a value creation system and must take care of how the activities carried out by its 'partners' will also be perceived, activities that must be strategically managed in a unified and consonant manner. Italy is a country that is often reluctant and hostile to the concept of networking, in the name of an entrepreneurial independence and autonomy that end up impoverishing even virtuous and excellent realities. This is not the case for Budri, excellence in the marble sector, which has decided to join a prestigious network managed by the Somec Group.

Capacity for growth and enterprise

"Becoming part of a company such as the Somec Group, one of the world's leading operators in the engineering, design and realisation of complex turnkey projects in the civil and naval sectors, marks the beginning of an important evolution for our company," explains Gian Marco Budri, CEO of the Mirandola-based company. "Being part of a group can open the door to more and more ambitious goals and enhance business capabilities and growth in those high-end markets that can be tackled with the strength of collaborating companies.

A haute couture marble atelier

Budri has become part of Mestieri, a division of the Somec Group that realises fine interior projects thanks to the skills and know-how of artisans specialised in working with materials such as marble, metal, wood, glass, leather and fabrics. The company will continue to maintain its identity, recognised as a marble haute couture atelier, and this strategic agreement will strengthen the synergic work between the two realities in the development of new business opportunities in the high-end interiors sector.

Top projects and the new Milan showroom

Budri is known for its international experience in the design, realisation and installation of bespoke, complex and large-scale works in the High End Residential, Hospitality, Retail, Design and Yachting sectors: from the Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayan Mosque in Abu Dhabi to luxury private residences, from the most scenographic architectural creations to collaborations with high fashion and high jewellery brands worldwide. For some years now, Budri Milano has been the company's haute couture atelier in the heart of the city at Foro Buonaparte 60: evidence of the brand's continuous evolution, projected towards a future of growth, research and experimentation, where beauty guides every business decision. In this sense, the choice of a prestigious location, immersed in history, art and culture to provide an exclusive experience and communicate its vocation for uniqueness.

Made in Italy excellence

Mestieri brings together in a single pole the history of excellence, with a heritage of unique references that can count on the coordination of a lead company that incorporates and takes charge of the all-round management of the most complex projects. Craftsmanship, knowledge, flexibility and the ability to find solutions in the design and executive phases are the values of these realities and of a Made in Italy appreciated all over the world.

Virtuous synergies

"I have always been a firm believer in virtuous synergies between companies operating in the made-in-Italy supply chain, because through the simultaneous activity of the various organs, a much higher result emerges than the simple sum of the individual activities. Working together means winning together, giving continuity to the extraordinary heritage of Italian know-how,' Gian Marco Budri continues.

Under the banner of continuity

The operation has an important strategic value for Mestieri, allowing the Somec Group to enrich its proposal in the luxury sector and consolidate its presence abroad, thanks to the Emilian company's international vocation. As part of the new corporate structure, Gian Marco Budri remains at the helm of Budri as CEO in line with the company's strategy of entrepreneurial and management continuity, while Oscar Marchetto, President of Somec, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.

All-Italian quality

"When I thought of the creation of Mestieri I wanted to create a reality capable of attracting unique excellence, recognised throughout the world for their know-how and for that all-Italian quality that makes the difference. Budri represents the level of skill, experience, professionalism and expertise that we want to bring to the common factor. It is distinguished by the mastery with which it succeeds in moulding the hardness of marble, giving lightness and versatility to this material, working it like a precious fabric. I express great satisfaction with this operation, as it accelerates Mestieri's development path, allowing us an increasingly effective penetration of global markets in the high-end interiors sector. The operation will contribute to the valorisation of Italian craftsmanship creations on a par with works of art, of which Budri is a historic custodian,' Oscar Marchetto emphasises.