Going beyond the traditional concept of a wellness hotel, these holiday resorts often immersed in dreamy landscapes provide guests with rigorous mind-body reset protocols. To restore any health parameters

In Covid era we have become hypochondriacs. Some more, some less, of course, but the Italian Society of Psychiatry has launched an alarm message, reiterating how widespread "Covid hypochondria" is, with cases of anxiety and depression among people of any age.

Could this be why, according to the studies put together by the Global Wellness Summit, medical spas are to be considered the most popular vacation spots in the coming months (if not years)? For the uninitiated, the definition embraces those structures proudly hybrid, capable of combining the comfort and hospitality of a super luxury hotel with medical therapies and treatments, in a preventive and / or curative.

And here is explained the forecast of Self-Care Renaissance , again by the experts of the GWS: in the present and near future the winning spa model will be the one supported by the best scientific expertise and medical.

Two historic buildings that have become super luxury medical spas

Let's start patriotically from the Italian territory. In the green center of Italy, in Lazio, Palazzo Fiuggi has only been active for just one year, yet it has already taken home the title of Best New Medical Spa by Tatler, the latter magazine favored by the British aristocracy and upper class. Imagine an imposing Art Nouveau building dated 1913, freshly restored respecting the prestigious architectural setting.

The flagship is the huge wellness area: 6000 square meters of the latest generation medical spa with a team of professionals from all over the world. Also and above all, nutrition is proposed as a detoxifying treatment strategy (well before slimming): the three-star chef Heinz Beck studies seasonal menus in a healthy, low-calorie and - surprisingly - tasty key.

Moving north you arrive at Chenot Palace Weggis. We are located in Switzerland, facing Lake Lucerne. Also housed in a period building, the medical spa has adopted the method of the famous naturopath Henri Chenot, pioneering promoter of detox.

It is essential to dedicate the right time to your stay: the hotel indicates at least one week, during which you will experience a tailor-made program, always and only following thorough medical check-ups. Among the experiences to try, there is no lack of a timeless (and no cost) invigorating activity, that is wild swimming in the waters of the lake.

An address that has the merit of being ahead of its time is the Lanserhof Lans, an oasis of peace and well-being that opened its doors way back in 1984. In the heart of Austrian Tyrol and awarded annually for its holistic care services, it stands out for its mind & amp; body.

The Lans Med Concept method, refined over the years, rests on six solid pillars: rest; detoxification; awareness; integration; sport; soul. There is no shortage of sustainable and detoxifying cooking lessons, to take home a pro-longevity food method that can (and should) become a long-lasting lifestyle.

The regulars of the hotel are waiting for the opening of the brand new Lanserhof Lans on Sylt, a charming little island in northern Germany. While the construction site proceeds at full speed, the property announces that the structure will be rigorously with low environmental impact, perfectly camouflaged in the natural landscape and overlooking the North Sea.

In the wake of the Lanserhof tradition, mind and body recovery packages lasting several days will be offered, as always supported by the synergistic collaboration of naturopaths, immunologists, dieticians, osteopaths, sports trainers (etc etc). Given the times, there will be proposals for treatment and recovery for those with after-effects from Covid and symptomatic from long-Covid.