From bonuses to deal with expensive bills to urban reforestation activities, virtuous examples of how production, solidarity and sustainability can be combined for a better future for all

At Christmas, as we know, everyone is better off. And there are many companies - not just the design ones - which, with the holidays approaching, are chasing each other in activities charitable, certainly commendable but proposed as isolated episodes, without continuity nor a perspective.

However, there are those who, for some time now, and often without even communicating them, carry out initiatives to support their employees, the community and the territory.

Virtuous examples of how production can be accompanied by a strong social and environmental responsibility, to build together a better future that leaves no one behind.

Lago: support for young people and courses on managing emotions

The company led by Daniele Lago has been collaborating with the Rinascere cooperative for over ten years, which is committed to developing the working skills of disadvantaged young people.

As an active part, the students assemble materials useful for business development, such as, for example, color samples which are then distributed to customers.

Internally, Lago offers employees courses ranging from cybersecurity to correct disposal of waste, from promoting an awareness of the human being to managing emotions.

Fantini promotes Lake Orta

Daniela Fantini carries on the family business, founded by her father Giovanni and her uncle Ersilio in 1947 in Pella, a small village on Lake Orta.

And she does it by supporting and promoting the area, the community and the delicate ecosystem lake.

Among the most recent activities, the sponsorship of the granite stage, one of the five stages of the Grand Tour of Lake Orta, a new way to discover this little corner of paradise at a slow pace.

Fantini is an open factory, an aggregation center where cultural events and meetings are also organised, a company that preserves and protects the memory of the place where she was born.

"My family is very attached to Pella and Lake Orta, but when they ask me where my heart is, I think of Egro, the mountain from which they see the stars and the lake from above, and where silence is heard, a place full of memories and authentic and natural beauty", says Daniela Fantini.

"For this reason, as far as I can, I try to make a contribution so that everything does not shut down in the small village, and so that the few inhabitants, many of the elderly, may still have a meeting place, where to practice some playful activity.

So we restored the land with the bowling alley. Does anyone use it? Certainly during the summer, and if I stop for a coffee and a greeting, I meet people I've always known and I'm happy".

Porro: creativity in support of women and young people in difficulty

From 2020 Porro completes the furnishing sets with props designed by Elisa Ossino.

The objects - housing sculptures, molecular shapes, paper geometries, abstract paintings, books with material coverings - are made by laboratories selected for social and environmental sustainability.

In particular, the ethereal and poetic clothes that embellish Porro's wardrobes and walk-in closets are produced by the social cooperative Alice, which runs tailoring workshops inside the San Vittore prison in Milan for the reintegration of women in difficulty.

The wooden objects, on the other hand, are created in collaboration with the Contrada of the craftsmen of the Cometadi Como foundation, a place where master craftsmen transmit the value of work, the techniques and the secrets of the most ancient trades to children who live in difficult social, economic and personal conditions.

Giorgetti reforests Meda

On October 1, Giorgetti Group planted 300 trees in Meda (hornbeam, maple, cherry, ash, hazelnut, dogwood and hawthorn), the first step in the urban reforestation project # reforest.

The goal is to plant native trees and shrubs and repopulate the woods to improve the quality of the local area and combat climate change.

"Wood comes from trees, the heart of our cabinet-making heritage and the soul of our production. The Giorgetti Group has always been linked to trees with gratitude and gratitude. We have decided to undertake a important investment also and above all for a gesture of restitution that we consider sacred: the planting of trees that will become woods in our territory.

Because there is no more powerful tool for growth and development for a company than belonging to one's local area", says Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of the Giorgetti Group.

Slamp transforms waste into hives for bumblebees

Since 2020 Slamp recovers production waste, grinds it, liquefies it and transforms it into hives for bumblebees, the close relatives of bees.

The project, called To Bee or not to be, to underline the importance of pollinating insects for our existence, has given life to over 140,000 hives in these two years to host about 18 million bumblebees.

Hymenoptera belonging to the Apidae family are used in agriculture for the pollination, without the use of chemicals, of fruit plants and vegetables, especially tomatoes, for healthy and natural cultivation.

Calligaris alongside children in hospital

Since 2018, Calligaris has been at the side of children admitted to the Burlo Garofalo children's hospital in Trieste, guaranteeing them a home and emotional support during the journey of care.

In particular, the company helps financially and furnishes the lodgings of Casa Abc, a non-profit organization that welcomes and supports, from a practical and psychological point of view, the families of young patients pediatrics, also providing emotional help on the ward through volunteers.

The company also supports Children of the fairies, a social enterprise which since 2005 has financed social inclusion projects and paths for people with autism and other disabilities.

Moroso promotes training

The company led by Patrizia Moroso with her brother Roberto supports training to pass on the knowledge related to the world of furniture to the new generations. And she does it with numerous initiatives. Among the most recent, the creation, together with the Cluster Arredo FVG, of the Innovation Platform, the first upholsterer training center in Udine (we talked about it here).

Moroso is also a partner of the Mits Malignani foundation of Udine to promote the dissemination of technical-scientific culture and respond to the needs of specialized professional figures, with a training course focused on the design thinking with internships in companies.

Furthermore, since 2022, Patrizia Moroso has been making her experience available to young people as a teacher of the Interior Architecture and Design course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Udine.

Living Divani for employees and the weakest

Living Divani supports the area in which it was born, through artistic and cultural initiatives, such as the restoration of the main altarpiece of the church of Anzano del Parco, or activities for young people, such as sponsorship of the local football team A.S.D. Real Anzano, which reached the first category.

The company supports many realities in the province of Como, from the Anzano del Parco nursery school to the Noi Parents cooperative which assists disabled children in Erba, with financial contributions but also donations of cushions and mattresses; it also helps its employees, especially in this period of price increases, with income support vouchers.

Poliform: attention to the person and the community

One of the foundations of Poliform's philosophy is the attention reserved to the person, understood as an individual and as a community.

With this in mind, the company promotes numerous social initiatives, ranging from supporting its employees to safeguarding the artistic and natural heritage.

Among the philanthropic activities, the support for the San Patrignano community, the onlus Cancro Primo Aiuto, the Italian society for amyloidosis and to the association Our family of BosisioParini, in the province of Lecco.

Poliform also focuses on the new generations, sponsors the local sports associations, and every year offers some students from Brianza the opportunity to do an internship in the company.

Fiemme Tremila protects its forest

Fiemme Tremila, a company specializing in biocompatible wooden floors, is immersed in the Val di Fiemme, an immense green lung, an expanse of forests between the largest in the Alpine arc.

A unique heritage, protected since 1111 by the Magnificent community of Fiemme, a centuries-old institution formed by the local inhabitants, which preserves the natural heritage of the valley, the pastures, alpine huts and woods.

The company founded in 1993 by Marco Felicetti protects 'its' uncontaminated nature in various ways, starting from the responsible selection of only certified woods, to organic manufacturing without the use of chemicals but using exclusively vegetable elements, such as waxes, resins and balsamic oils.

Fiemme Tremila is also among the 14 founding members of the 'Fiemme Per' Foundation, born in the spring of 2022 from the desire of the companies in the valley to create a system and promote the social, economic and cultural development of the area.

Among the first initiatives: Fiemme Green Community, low-cost accessible housing projects and sustainable mobility solutions for workers.

Cassina: flexible benefits for workers

Cassina makes flexible benefits available to its employees, a series of goods and services, such as vouchers for shopping, for education of children or assistance to elderly parents, available through the Cassina Welfare platform.

Employees can convert the performance bonus into subsidies, with exemption from social security contributions and taxation of the bonus. In this way, the gross amount of the bonus converted into flexible benefits coincides with the net amount that the employee can spend on the platform, with the possibility, starting this year, of benefiting from the additional bonus of 10 percent for those who convert 100 percent of the prize.

Furthermore, thanks to the interventions envisaged by the 'aiuti-bis' Decree and by D.L. 21/2022, the company recognizes all employees an 'expensive' bonus that can be used as reimbursements for bills and fuel.

Terratinta Group: positive impact at Fiorano Modenese

Terratinta Group, a Fiorano Modenese company specializing in ceramic coverings, a benefit company since 2020, in 2022 obtained the B Corp certification, assigned to realities who voluntarily undertake to respect high standards of transparency and sustainability to improve and certify their positive impact on the environment, stakeholders, workers and the community.

Among the activities, the financing of medical visits, including specialist ones, for its employees, the creation of convivial spaces in the new headquarters, flexible working hours, scholarships for students of the Selmi higher education institute in Modena, up to voluntary work to clean up the park in the municipality of Fiorano Modenese.

Gabel Group: the collection is designed by students

Not only supporting young people, but listening to them and making them authors of their own dreams.

Since 2018, Gruppo Gabel has been collaborating with the training institute Centro Studi Casnati di Como, and gives students the opportunity to design the Teen textile collection.

The result is a very colorful line, characterized by graphic and figurative elements close to the imagination of teenagers.

"We believe in these guys, in their ideas free from conditioning and in the freedom of their creative thought", says Michele Moltrasio, president and CEO of the group.