Reducing the consumption of meat is a priority for the good of the planet to which great chefs respond with vegetable-based gourmet menus

Meatless is nice. More and more people think so, as highlighted by the most recent market surveys, which are booming products such as vegetable milks, seitan, soy and so on. Without necessarily arriving at veganism.

In 2022, the flexitarian diet wins, which is made up of 50% fruit and vegetables and 50% of a mix of vegetable proteins, vegetable oils and fats and whole grains. Optional foods to run on the weekly schedule: animal proteins. Foods no: red meat, dairy products and refined sugar.

And here we are with some good news: today those who do not eat meat can finally count on proudly meat free starred restaurants. Here are three gourmet addresses to try.

The pioneer

It was the year 1996 and vegetarians were few outsiders , mostly regarded with suspicion. In Milan, in the lively district of Porta Venezia, Joia saw the light, then became the first vegetarian restaurant in Europe to earn a Michelin star. The forerunner and free-thinking chef Pietro Leemann created the concept, animated since the beginning by the desire to create something new.

The desire to inspire a model of healthy, eco-sustainable, friend haute cuisine of all living beings has made him a pioneer and a reference point for starred vegetarian cuisine at an international level.

The minimalist but extremely warm setting of his restaurant, where every detail hides careful thought, puts you in the best mood even before tasting the dishes. The life lesson of the East, where Leemann lived in his youth, can be heard.

The evolutionist

If you are passionate about haute cuisine, the name of Daniel Humm, patron of the New York three-starred Eleven Madison Park, it will sound familiar. Born in 1976, the Swiss chef and restaurateur has always been a lover of simple, seasonal, local and pure cuisine, but he has recently given an important signal by introducing a tasting menu in his most famous restaurant. meat free .

After having skilfully received the criticisms of those who accused him of riding a wave (that of the plant based), the chef reiterated that his is an eco-sustainable choice that he could not no longer be postponed. It should be noted that the totally vegan menu was introduced in full pandemic, immediately after the first lockdown.

The chef, who like many colleagues had nightmares for months thinking of going bankrupt, wanted to create plant-based dishes for the good of the planet. And he didn't have to add anything else.

By Alain Ducasse

Myth of haute cuisine and multi-starred chef, at the age of 65 Alain Ducasse doesn't seem to have any intention of retiring from the scene, quite the contrary. The Monegasque chef and entrepreneur wanted to put his signature on a plant-based project. In his own way, therefore in grand style. The restaurant is called Sapid and is located in Paris on rue de Paradis (a name, a program). Everything is inspired by rigorous sustainability criteria.

Sapid's programmatic manifesto explains that it wants to reduce the environmental impact, promote a healthy nutritional model, favor the location of ingredients, preserve biodiversity, optimize natural resources. This translates into menus with a prevalence of vegetables, with the exception of wild fish or from ethical farms.

Also in this case the most malicious can insinuate it is all a marketing gimmick. What matters, however, is to create awareness and demonstrate that eating (very) well is within everyone's reach, vegetarians and non-vegetarians.