X-Files, a collection of modular doors and walls designed by Marco Piva for Bencore. An innovative design guarantees lightness, resistance, transparency and performance

For quite some time, Bencore has been working with Marco Piva in the development of original solutions and systems based on its honeycomb structure panels, leveraging on the studio's attention to what's up and coming both in architecture as for interior design and product design. The materials Bencore produces have an innovative character: different thicknesses, transparencies, opacities, the unmistakable textures. This, together with the peculiar processes that the company applies using cutting-edge technologies, have fascinated the Milanese architect, pushing him to define a collection that makes the most of the characterizing elements of the composite panels in thermo-resins with a honeycomb structure, working with the combination of subtlety, rigidity, transparency and design.

X-Files, designed by Marco Piva, is a series of modular doors and walls that express lightness, mechanical resistance, remarkable performance of acoustic insulation while emphasizing the ability to play with light. In fact, the relationship that Bencore honeycombs establishes with light sources is completely unusual: the unmistakable transparency of the 'souls' creates surprising effects and games and gives these elements a very special high-tech character. Available in different heights and widths, the X-Files doors can be inserted both in traditional masonry or on plasterboard or can be integrated flush with the wall in the modular wall system of the same collection, creating unique graphic effects and chromatic effects.

All the panels, once they reach the end of their life cycle, are 100% recyclable and this sustainability, typical of all Bencore materials, is a very significant aspect which is also evident in the use of the highest quality recycled raw materials for guarantee a very long average life of the product and thus reduce the environmental impact.

At a glance

What is it?
X-Files is a collection of modular doors and walls. The doors, characterized by original designs, when positioned in the modular walls of the system itself relate to the texture and motifs of the panels in which they are inserted, interpreting them graphically.
What is its design concept?
Designed to offer great performance, the series is characterized by unexpected chromatic effects in a game between transparency and opacity. The contrasting textures are characterized by light, natural or artificial, creating a world of designs.
How is it made?
Modular doors and walls are made up of panels in different sizes from the Lightben, Starlight, Hexaben, Ecoben families, all signed by Bencore, and are finished with elegant aluminum profiles.
How is it produced and where?
The production process of the panels is very complex and is based on the creation of the honeycomb on which the acrylic or polycarbonate sheets are then glued. The patented production takes place in Carrara, in Italy.
How is it made?
The necessary skills are above all chemical in nature: in-depth knowledge of plastic materials and their properties is fundamental for the creation of innovative, sustainable and aesthetically attractive materials.
Why is it special?
The eco-sustainability of the production process which takes place in full respect of the environment. In addition, a real novelty, the X-Files doors and walls can even reach 3 meters in height but manage to maintain a low total weight, thus lowering the weight of the profiles and promoting cost control.
How is it?
Versatile, high-tech, performing.
The designer says...
"The composite panels of Bencore, thanks to their different thicknesses, transparencies and opacities, to the surprising textures that appear in the couplings between slabs and inserts, create a new and fascinating world able to offer great performances combined with unexpected chromatic effects. […] Furthermore, the very particular relationship that Bencore's materials establish with light adds further magic to the products."