A collection and a design award to tell the world about the identity of Thai design and production, made up of playfulness, humor, resilience and creative contradiction

The Thai design industry can count on a strategy with which to react to the enormous damage that COVID-19 has inflicted on the entire furniture supply chain. To channel the contributions of all the actors in the field (from designers to producers) into a single initiative, the Department of Promotion of International Trade has launched 'T Style', a campaign created to promote the image of the products of the Asian country in the global market.

The intent of the project is summarized in the words of Somdet Susomboon, director general of the Department in question: “We firmly believe that consumers still need lifestyle products that reflect their identities. Unfortunately, the epidemic has interrupted the supply chain, so that many countries have manpower but do not have the means to plan, while others can do it but only by outsourcing production to realities that have a more competitive workforce. But new opportunities may emerge from this crisis. In Thailand we have producers and designers of absolute quality, thanks to which it will be possible to create furnishings that meet the needs of consumers in these uncertain times. Our designers can transfer the Thai spirit into creations capable of generating a recognizable lifestyle in the international scenario. These are the reasons why our Department launched the 'T Style' campaign, which highlights the concept of 'Thai Spirit': a form of shared mentality expressed in our production, whose precise design identity can represent the solution for the future of our design".

The 'T Style: Thai Spirit' collection is divided into two groups: 'T Style Brands' (which includes the main lifestyle brands in the country) and 'T Stylers' (with the creations of internationally renowned designers).

These two lines, which share the objective of promoting the Thai culture of design, are joined by a second project, the Design Excellence Award (Demark): an award established in 2008 to promote the local development of products and annually assigned by the Prime Minister in person.

The hope of the Ministry of Commerce is that these initiatives can inspire other Thai producers to give their products authenticity and identity.

An identity that comes from cultures, beliefs and lifestyles closely linked to art, and able to best express the spirit of a nation summarized through three key concepts: humor, resilience and creative contradiction. And, in addition to ideas, 'T Style' also knows how to enhance sustainability and other factors that play an important role in the selection process, such as the idea of ​​circular economy and criteria such as reuse and recycling.