Metropolis is the line of aluminum frames that guarantees durability, minimum maintenance, extreme brightness

Profiles in extruded aluminum alloy En Aw-6060 on the internal and external faces; reinforced polyamide connection core interrupting the thermal bridge; double stop gasket in Epdm; thermal transmittance of the node = 1.7 W / m2K: these are the strengths of the Metropolis system by Fossati Serramenti.

Characterized by a fixed frame available in the reduced section of 65x39 mm and that of 65x58 mm, it has French doors with a low threshold profile with a height of 25 mm. The profile of the door, on the other hand, has a section of 75x60 mm, coplanar with the fixed frame on the outside, glazing beads with square profile and central node with a total width of 102 mm.

The double glazing, with low magnetronic emissive treatment, spacer with warm edge and maximum thickness up to 48 mm, is held in position in the seat of the door profile by a perimeter glass frame and sealed by special internal and external seals, for thermal transmittance Uw = 1.4 W / mqK with Ug = 1.0 for the double-leaf window LxH 1230x1480 mm; Uw = 1.1 W / m2K with Ug = 0.6 for the double-leaf window LxH 1230x1480 mm.

The hinges are of the tilt-and-turn type in hollow hardware (with closing with adjustable pawls) and guarantee a capacity of 100 kg. Metropolis is certified by the accredited laboratory T2i - Treviso: air permeability class on 1-wing window: 4; water permeability class on 1-wing window: 9 A; wind resistance class on 1-wing window: B4.

At a glance

What is it?
Metropolis is the line of aluminum windows and doors by Fossati Serramenti.
What is its concept?
Metropolis is characterized by modern design, in Urban Style, with clean and geometric lines, emphasized by the concealed hinge set-up and by the minimal size of the profiles, created for those who shy away from banality and conventional choices. The Metropolis product range includes the made-to-measure production of windows, French doors, sliding windows, coplanar sliding doors, special openings and entrances.
How is it made?
The windows of the collection are made entirely of aluminum with thermal break and guarantee durability over time, minimum need for maintenance and extreme brightness in the interior, thanks to their design that minimizes the visual impact. All the frames of the Metropolis line are characterized by a 65 mm thick frame, a door profile with reduced section, steel strip hardware, EPDM seals, double glazing with Argon gas and Warm Edge channel. The frame and door are coplanar.
How is it produced and where?
Fossati windows are produced in two factories in the province of Piacenza, on a total area of over 55,000 square meters. The production spaces are organized functionally, aimed at an automated and interconnected industrial production. All workstations are integrated with digital technologies that allow you to monitor production processes. Thanks to these characteristics, Metropolis guarantees high acoustic and thermal insulation, which reaches its peak in the Plus version with triple glazing.
How is it made?
High quality of raw materials and craftsmanship applied to industrial 4.0 production: these are the distinctive features of Fossati products. Experienced professionals and state-of-the-art industrial systems shape the company's innovative ideas, always guided by the pursuit of excellence. Attention to detail is a strong point of all our products with impeccable quality, in the name of made in Italy.
Why is it special?
Metropolis is able to adapt to any style. The line boasts a wide possibility of customization, especially in the colors, offering a rich color palette ral, wood effect or design with the possibility of one-color or two-color creation.
How is it?
Customizable, performing, eco-sustainable