Nova: a highly customizable security door that fills spaces with light and nature

Nova is the new line of security doors proposed by Oikos Venezia. It is a highly customizable vertical pivot door, which stands out for its high protection standards and anti-burglary values. Made entirely of glass, it does not just close the world out like any other armored vehicle, but it is an opening to the outside world. A safe and personalized passage that offers shelter, aesthetics, solidity and resistance. An innovative solution that creates a visual transition between the in and the ourdoors, thus becoming a junction between two worlds. The integration of interiors with the surrounding landscape takes place thanks to the use of purposefully designed colors, materials and finishes that guarantee absolute harmony: a skillful play of free combinations, from dark to light tones, from hot to cold.

The effect is made even more discreet by the coplanarity of the door and its construction characteristics, since the door, thermal glass and coplanar handle, positioned inside, are a single element and the door is free of grooves or protrusions. Nova lends itself to various types of assembly - internal, external, or internal-external flush mounting, surface mounting and facade mounting - and to different installation solutions - with single door with or without side panel, which can be minimal, single or double.

The great dimensional freedom offers the possibility of creating suggestive oversized entrances, completely glazed, up to 3.5 m wide by 6.3 m high in a single door. The new patented adjustable pivot opening mechanism favors a greater quantity of light and guarantees a large space to cross the threshold, while the thermal break frame significantly increases the insulation performance.

At a glance

What is it?
It is the first large glass armored door with thermal break frame, characterized by total coplanarity, minimalist style and careful study of color.
What is its design concept?
Nova creates a connection between the living context and the surrounding landscape, representing the fundamental principles of Oikos: typically Italian beauty, great craftsmanship associated with innovative production techniques, creativity and passion for research and design.
How is it made?
Fully coplanar door with bulletproof and anti-hammer thermal glass.
How is it produced and where?
A painstaking combination of craftsmanship and industrial processes, Nova is made entirely within the Oikos production plant in Gruaro, Venice.
How is it done?
Laser systems in the processing of the metal structure, great craftsmanship and care in the assembly of the various components, sustainable and cutting-edge painting systems, continuous research in the technology of construction materials.
What is special about it?
An absolutely innovative armored door with high insulation and safety performance. Standard performances, which can be raised with Mose Kit: burglar-proof class 3, acoustic 38 dB, thermal 0.98, air 3, wind C4.
How is it?
Innovative, fascinating, highly customizable.