A weekend in Val di Fiemme in search of sustainable wellness: between medical spas, forest bathing and artistic paths

Making - really - a system to generate well-being. Weaving a network between different actors of a community that focuses on love for the territory, that of the Val di Fiemme. A healthy and welcoming territory that smells of mountains, woods and wood, where well-being flows like lifeblood and where feeling good is not a luxury, but an accessible and daily practice.

On the occasion of the World Wellness Weekend 2021 (from 17 to 19 September 2021), the Trentino valley, which boasts 60 million trees, promotes psychophysical, environmental and social well-being as a lifestyle. To kick off the three days of initiatives, the Dolomites Well-being Summit in which experts from different sectors discussed the topic.

The inaugural convention was promoted by four local companies, an expression of the will of a group of local entrepreneurs to support the valley that inspired their business experiences: Starpool, La Sportiva, Pastificio Felicetti, Fiemme Tremila.

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After the welcome of the founder of the international event, Jean Guy de Gabriac , experts from different sectors discussed the various declinations of wellbeing integrated with the five pillars of Wellness Weekend: rest and creativity, nutrition and immunity, movement and vitality, mindfulness and serenity, motivation and solidarity. The protagonists are doctor Vincenzo Primitivo , expert in integrated medicine, the mountaineer and writer Simone Moro, the starred chef Alessandro Gilmozzi, the specialized architect in the healthiness of living Leopoldo Busa and the Scario of the Magnificent Community of Fiemme Renzo Daprà.

The summit is supported by the Val di Fiemme Tourist Board, engaged in a process of positioning and enhancing the area as a Valley of Wellness.

Involvement and awareness

Open, accessible, welcoming, Val di Fiemme enhances its specificities by distinguishing the offer and gaining credibility. The woods follow one another, to the right and left of the valley, up and down, to become a single large wood, full of a pulsating green that outlines it, determining its ecosystem - natural, residential, economic, even artistic. The wood dominates, the flames are inspired by the wood, in the round.

You breathe well-being, the times are those of nature, the only (true) connection, the air ( clean) is that of sharing . Of visions, objectives, involvement, concrete participation. Of citizens, of the most diverse fields, of companies, public and private, that network: together they plan, work and clearly communicate different projects that merge into one, the one aimed at the well-being of the premises before the tourists, of the individual with himself even before all within the community. Because only in this way the project becomes - really - aware and effective.

A living forest that pulsates, breathes, heals. And it activates places and communities

The entire Val di Fiemme can be defined as a forest of forests , an amazing wooded heritage which, cultivated in a respectful way for centuries, has represented, especially in the past, a source of subsistence for the local population. And now it is the main source of regeneration.

An open-air medical spa that gives psychophysical balance and prepares for treatment, to promote health and prevent pathologies. Among the over 70 guided experiences, the outdoor Kneipp path outdoor in Anterivo, where well-being starts from the feet and reaches the mind, while water therapy is added to the benefits of pure air.

Therapy, art and silence

On the occasion of the Dolomites Well-being Summit, Sergio Camin's Wood of Different Silences was inaugurated for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cavalese: with installations located along the White Path of Daiano, it points out some special listening points, first of all of themselves. A work that traces a path - steeped in silence - to rediscover a deep contact with oneself. To then - only then - feel good with others, with awareness.

Forest bathing

With its roots firmly planted on the ground, the wood, made up of spruce trees, but also larch and pine trees, stands out towards the sky; the mountain embraces, isolates from contingency, protects. The Val di Fiemme thus offers a forest bathing that triggers an immersive/introspective dialogue with nature and then activates the entire community.

Val di Fiemme: because it is the land of well-being

Lying between the Dolomites of Trentino Unesco World Heritage , along the course of the Avisio stream, the valley extends between 1,200 and 2,200 meters of altitude between two natural parks , that of Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino, with its deer reserve, and that of Monte Corno with the most varied species of birds.

Also known as Valley of Harmony for the famous Forests of Violins and the evocative Bosco che Suona overlooking the 9 municipalities in the area, the Val di Fiemme is populated by resonance spruce trees, once favored by the master Stradivari and today by luthiers from all over the world.

The territory of Val di Fiemme is a gigantic green lung , where the wooded heritage administered since 1.111 by the local rules of the Magnificent Community of Fiemme today counts 60 million trees (3,000 per capita) capable of capturing 2 million tons of CO2, as demonstrated by the FSC certification of sustainable social management.

The real benefit generated by trees

Everyone imagined that the woods of the valley cleaned the air, but no one had ever been able to quantify the real benefit generated by the trees. Since 2020 we know that the forests and pastures of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme accumulate 1,923,368 tons of carbon dioxide every year, equal to the quantity emitted in 365 days by more than 325,000 people . Not only that, the careful management of the Magnificent Community maintains very high levels of biodiversity, prevents soil erosion through reforestation (400 hectares in the last 20 years, about 600 football fields) and preserves the health of the waters.

Concrete sustainable wellbeing

Val di Fiemme is a 'district of renewables', with all the municipalities committed to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

As in Cavalese, where 80% of the town is heated by biomass from wood processing waste in the district heating BioEnergia Fiemme. With the sawdust, FiemmePellet is produced, a 0 km fuel marketed in the area and from the recovery of conifer needles from the branches of the ' magnificent fir trees ' an essential oil used in cosmetics is obtained.

The motto "everything deserves a second chance" summarizes the ambition to feed a corporate vision that is based on the sense of limit and on contrast to the culture of abundance and waste.

Not only that, the recent construction of the Predazzo bio-lake also represents a system of sustainable management from a water and environmental point of view. It is in fact fed by an underground well that guarantees a continuous exchange of water, purified thanks to the presence of some plants. The supply well also proved to be a possible reserve of drinking water for the country.

At the top of the ranking of virtuous municipalities on separate waste collection, Fiemme is also a place of social well-being with over 300 associations promoting solidarity actions and sports activities. sport has a valuable tradition confirmed by the awarding of cross-country skiing, Nordic combined and special jumping competitions of the next Winter Olympic Games Milan Cortina 2026.

Well-being as an economic engine

In the production district of Val di Fiemme, internationally renowned companies specializing in different sectors - sport, food, wellness, living and music - are linked by a common vision that focuses on personal care and respect for the environment. For each of them the link with the territory is vital: it is the physical place where the supply chain is born and develops and at the same time the heart of an idea of well-being and a certain way of doing business and talking about oneself.

In addition to Starpool, a reference in the wellness and spa sector, they have their roots in Val di Fiemme La Sportiva, which produces footwear and clothing for the mountain while minimizing the environmental impact, Pastificio Felicetti, which uses only organic semolina, mixes with spring water, dries with pure air from the Dolomites and offers a line of Monograno pasta among the most genuine and tasty on the market, Fiemme Tremila, which specializes in biocompatible, healthy wood floors and furnishings capable of improving indoor air quality thanks to a treatment based on essential oils, waxes and vegetable resins and Ciresa di Tesero, which creates soundboards for musical instruments and which has given voice to around 160,000 pianos in the world created with Fiemme resonance fir.

For information: www.visitfiemme.it