With a 110-year history, Guzzini enters the homes of Italians (and others) every day with products devoted to everyday life and a respectful approach

Taste, sensitivity, competence and creativity are the values ​​that, combined with the experience, vision and innovation of the brand, have made its continuous evolution possible. Today Guzzini is a reality devoted to green, that which is sincere, committed and visible. The one that refutes any form of greenwashing.

"At the moment there is no official body in charge of consumer protection that certifies the truthfulness of what companies declare in terms of sustainability and the implementation of a real economy circular" declares Domenico Guzzini, president of the homonymous company from the Marche region.

"So it's up to us, entrepreneurs manufacturing, who over the years have established a relationship of trust with our customers and who care about their well-being, to monitor the truthfulness of what is placed on the market".

The route, from 1912 to today

Recently became Benefit Company and awarded the Historical Trademark of Interest National recognition, the company specializing in the proposal of interior accessories and small 'furniture for the home has been able - from its foundation in 1912 to today - to integrate a particular attention to sustainability into its mission.

The path was gradual, but determined, so much so that today it represents a real guiding creed: transparency and customer protection are the basis of any project.

In fact, since 2018 Guzzini has been marching in a concrete and provable green direction: precisely in this year the consolidated culture in terms of materials and technologies for processing and their transformation, has made it possible for company the replacement of virgin plastic material with post-consumer recycled plastic material.

The first to witness the transition were the furnishing accessories, followed immediately after by all the references intended for the table and contact food.

2019: regenerating is the answer

Just one year after the introduction of the new material, Guzzini chooses to increase its commitment to the green creed. In fact, in 2019 'Circle' was born, the program with which the company converts the usual 'material-production-use-waste' supply chain, into a new, effective, circular system that works as follows: 'recovery-recycling-production-reuse-recovery'.

With Circle Guzzini values ​​circularity. Regenerate thus becomes the keyword around which the entire design of the objects revolves, which from this moment on change their connotation and destination. The purchase and use experience becomes aware. In this way man - the consumer - enters into a direct relationship with the environment, through the use of respectful references, which do not have a limited but infinite life cycle.

In 2021, 24% of Guzzini products released from the Recanati plant are made with second-life plastic materials; the goal is to reach 100% within the next 4 years.

In contact with food

The next and completely natural step for Guzzini was to approach the transformation of objects destined to come into contact with food.

"It was a gradual process, as we had to study materials that were suitable for contact with food, which would not undergo alterations due to high temperatures and which were suitable for washing in the dishwasher" explains Domenico Guzzini.

"In this long and demanding process, in addition to our know-how , we have made use of prestigious partners such as universities, research centers, the best producers of recycled plastic materials and Bio Based. Research and investments in both human resources and technology have led us this year to use biopolystyrene obtained from biomass vegetable".

It is in fact at the end of 2021 that Guzzini crosses a new frontier in terms of materials, using biopolystyrene obtained from plant biomass: innovative, ethical, intriguing on the production front. In fact, the process starts from the collection of renewable raw materials second generation, such as used cooking oil and agricultural and forestry waste, and from their treatment in biorefineries, industrial plants where they work with products of biological origin.

Guzzini's commitment to an ecological transition translates into a constant commitment to research, applied technology and sourcing of second-life raw materials. These areas are always dutifully supported by obtaining certifications in support of the truthfulness of the statements.