In the rooms of Palazzo Durini, the sofas by Edra together with the light creations by Foggini

Already the location, the baroque rooms on the Noble Floor of Palazzo Durini Caproni di Taliedo in the heart of Milan today the Edra showroom with Vago Forniture, is one of those that are not forgotten, among the red marble staircase of honor, the mirrors , gilding and painted medallions. And, on the occasion of FuoriSalone 2021, discovering the new collection of sofas and furnishing accessories of the great Tuscan brand under the frescoes by Nuvolone, Procaccini or Stefano Maria Legnani, that is to say the most important Lombard artists of the seventeenth century, is a 'unique experience.

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Also thanks to the skilful play of light that guides visitors through the halls and the gallery, where the sofas, armchairs, poufs, lamps and tables of the Edra brand are exhibited, contributing to a successful dialogue between history and contemporaneity. Added to this is the discovery of the new outdoor line created for Edra by Jacopo Foggini, the Turin-born artist-designer (in love with Milan) who has always worked with methacrylate, an industrial material generally used in automotive design.

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The new Foggini collection which, with a play on words that tastes of Naples, summer, sea and passion, is called A’mare is made up of tables, chairs, armchairs, a bench and sun loungers in pure methacrylate. Transparent like glass or water, an element from which they also steal a wonderful shade of turquoise, very light but at the same time very solid.

A material that Foggini knows well, having started working it in the nineties (its first installation dates back to 1997, for the Romeo Gigli space) when he invented a machine capable of heating it up to transform it into filaments that can be modeled with the hands. Since then Foggini has never stopped, making himself known for his creations of light, always poised between art and design, mixing the transparency of methacrylate with the solidity of wood or metal, or the brilliance of mother-of-pearl details or facts of mirrors, the result of a curious mind, eclectic and inclined to experimentation.

And with a style a little out of time, perhaps because, by his own admission, Jacopo Foggini has never had a great passion for contemporary design. So today his creations are perfectly at home in a museum, a hotel, in a private home or, as for Amare, even outdoors, on the terrace or by the pool.