Back from Assab One 1 + 1 + 1, an art, design and architecture exhibition curated by Federica Sala which this year features Zilla Leutenegger, Studio Ossidiana and Cino Zucchi and Chiara Zucchi

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022 and until July 16, the exhibition format conceived by Elena Quarestani dedicated to the relationship between architecture, art and design returns. For the sixth edition of 1+1+1, curated by Federica Sala, the authors were invited to share the evocative industrial spaces of Assab One to interact with one another and with the public through three large participatory installations designed by Zilla Leutenegger + Studio Ossidiana + Cino Zucchi and Chiara Zucchi.

Th dncr by Zilla Leutenegger

The environmental site-specific installation by Zilla Leutenegger engages with the wooden cabins created by Inge Vinck and Jan de Vylder during the previous edition of 1+1+1 with a video projection made from several drawings, or rather portraits, of the artist herself. th dncr, therefore, establishes a dialogue with the space and its pre-existence yet simultaneously also with the visitor, whose presence casually interrupts the projection beam until it becomes, if desired, a performative act itself.

In a delicate play of shadows and surprises, the swiss artist’s dancing figure appears in the form of the video projection but also from the large monotypes on steel plates, whose illusion assists in creating the enchantment of dance.

Wandering fields by Studio Ossidiana

Studio Ossidiana (Alessandro Covini and Giovanni Bellotti), Rotterdam-based duo of Italian architects and designers, present the project Wandering fields. A “geographical” installation conceived to transform the spaces of Assab One into a surface capable of bringing us closer to the earth. The imaginary sequence of fields is composed of organic materials (such as coal, sand, shells, hemp, clay, red soil, and loam) as a tribute to the Dutch and Po Valley plains home to Studio Ossidiana but at the same time a conceptual bridge between people through a series of volumes made with the same materials as found in nature

Rakes and other large wooden tools, designed and created by hand by the designers for this exhibition, encourage the public to undertake participatory and playing actions on the ground, and therefore become an active participant. At the end of the exhibition this carpet of materials, which will have lost its chromatic and material definitions, will be converted into an accumulation of fertile materials. The work made in unison with the public will be transported to Trotter Park as a donation to the city’s community, with the intention of its integration into the landscape over a period of twelve months.

Ouroborobeats by Cino Zucchi e Chiara Zucchi

Cino Zucchi and Chiara Zucchi have created the participatory installation Ouroborobeats. Consisting of two complementary parts that accompany the participant on a path of sounds, vocalisations, and noises which, through the filter of art, transform what is abstract and individual into something that becomes shared. On the one hand, a large structure, made with metal pipes and support rods, forms the geometric shape of the lemniscate, the horizontal 8 - the symbol of infinity. An “endless colonnade” that devours itself much like the Ouroboros snake

Its suspended layout creates an “open stage”, in which visitors are invited to interact and generate sounds using percussion instruments. The second part of the installation includes a gallery of musical Lares and Penates, which bring us back to the theme of memory, reproducibility, and the transmission of knowledge throughout generations