There is a way and a way to get hold of a design icon. For the Dolls, by Mario Bellini, B&B Italia has chosen the most invisible but revolutionary one: sustainability

Changing the looks of an iconic object like the Bambole by Mario Bellini , when even 50 years later it is still very topical, it would not make much sense. Instead, it is an intelligent choice to revisit it from the inside: to change its features in order to take advantage of contemporary technologies and make production more oriented towards circularity .

The Bambole 2022 version , which B&B Italia will present at FuoriSalone 2022 in the showroom in via Durini, will therefore be in all respects similar to those designed by Mario Bellini in 1972. But also equally revolutionary.

Widening the range

The new range, which will be presented at the showroom in via Durini on the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022, starts from the basic elements: the Bambola armchair, the Bibambola two-seater sofa, the double bed Bamboletto . The updated three-seater sofa is added to meet today's habits, therefore equipped with a deeper seat that makes it deserve the name Granbambola .

On the cover: Mario Bellini on Bambole del 2022, photo courtesy of B & amp; B Italia

The revolution today is circular

The 1972 Dolls had a steel structure embedded in polyurethane divided into sections to build the shape of the seat and give it its characteristic softness. Everything was then covered with a fabric designed to be an integral part of the structure of the seat itself.

For the 2022 Bambole, B&B Italia has created a shell in second-life polyethylene (98% recycled), produced in rotational molding and empty inside. On this base to which are added elements in polyurethane foam (70% less than the classic version) and thermoplastic elastomers that shape the geometry and define comfort and breathability. All sheathed in a sub-coating derived from recycled PET : a single-material "bag" (hinges included) which is therefore also easily recyclable if necessary.

Furthermore, 100% of the components of the Dolls have been redesigned to allow easy disassembly even by the final consumer (and therefore guarantee repairability and recyclability of the parts).

The result of this design, engineering and production effort (aimed at obtaining the same comfort as the original product using 70% less soft material) makes the Bambole, in the 2022 version, a product devoted to circularity.