House of BMW in Milan: BMW Group Design and Mike Meiré present "Tales from a Neo Collective Future", a review of multidisciplinary events during the Salone del Mobile

With the review Tales from a Neo Collective Future, BMW questions at FuoriSalone 2022 on how to design technologies that respond to human needs in the context of the challenges of the modern world.

For the six days of the event (from 7 to 12 June 2022), installations, performances, workshops and debates curated by Mike Meiré - artistic director, designer, curator and artist - will be hosted at the Group's hub, located in Via Verri 10, a location which, for the occasion, is transformed into a space for meeting and experimentation.

Here artists and visitors will be able to discuss and talk about each other, exploring different artistic dimensions: perception and poetry, factuality and fantasy.

In particular, the artists Botter, Claudia Rafael and Anna Deller-Yee will reflect on the spirit of the times, investigating the opportunities and challenges of technological developments.

Connection, digitization and circularity will in fact be the central themes of the entire agenda, as well as the leitmotif of each event conceived and organized by the Group.

"House of BMW is the ideal location for this interdisciplinary project", explains Massimiliano Di Silvestre, President and CEO of BMW Italy.

"Here, technology, design, beauty and innovation share the stage with sustainability and circularity. And in the center, something we have rediscovered the importance of in recent years: the value of interpersonal relationships".

BMW Group Design , House of BMW , Mike Meiré and the artists chosen by him come together in the will and philosophy of creating ever greener projects: "As a collective of artists, we want to create a production space in which to start with dreaming and then create together," explains Meiré.