With the Danish artist FOS, in via Bagutta 9, Boyy invites the public to experience a shopping experience that subverts the usual static nature of high-end stores

In via Bagutta 9, in Milan, Boyy welcomes the FuoriSalone 2022 with a large ceramic hand which overlooks the entrance to the shop and which looks like an invitation to enter, as if to say 'welcome to discover a new world'.

Set in one of the central and reference streets of Milan, the brand's store wishes for this edition to offer the visitor a experience that goes beyond the classic stop in a shop for shopping.

The care of the installation responds to the signature of the Danish artist FOS, who after the Milanese inauguration in September 2021, continues to support the brand with its artistic creativity and a pinch of interpretative philosophy.

The goal is to transform the space usually known by Boyy clients, surprising them with an inversion of color and function. Moving away from the static typical of high-end stores.

The walls, formerly pink, have now become blue and the carpet, blue in the usual set, is now a huge digital print on a pink background, showing all the objects normally contained in a bag scattered on the floor, from keys to the mirror for make-up.

FOS confirms that he wanted to think about the interpretation of the store as a hub in which the product is only a part of the experience: everything, in reality, revolves around the customer who enters and finds himself experiencing - the location, the atmosphere, the sensations. In a sort of retail-installation designed to fully identify with the mood of the Design Week.

"People walk into the shop and they don't know if it's a gallery or they can buy something. We want to stimulate a state of wonder in the customer." - declares Jesse Dorsey, founder of Boyy with Wannasiri Kongman.