Sesia Trunk System was born from the desire to work on interior design by applying great aesthetic sensitivity

Among the brands hosted in the Eco Contract + Eco Design showroom during FuoriSalone 2022, Sesia&Co. stands out for its ability to implement the synthesis of colour and material.

Taking inspiration from natural colours, it creates the ideal mix and match with its own aesthetic vision.

Sesia Trunk System is an innovative system designed by the brand to present a collection of 34 different materials of the highest quality, aesthetics and eco-sustainability: textile floors, carpets, fabrics, leathers, parquet, boiserie, paints, resins, MDi, glass, metals, etc., chosen and processed with respect for the environment.

The particularity that makes this project unique is the choice of declining all 34 materials in the same 12 colours specifically designed to allow combinations, monochromatic or with different colours, always guaranteeing a refined aesthetic harmony.

The system is told through the video Cielo, written and directed by BG and film maker Michele Bizzi, and born from the collaboration between Sesia&Co., the production company The Box Films and the audiovisual communication agency Kinedimorae.