At the Straf hotel, Ideal Standard offers a photographic exhibition to tell about the construction sites of contemporary architecture through the lens of unconventional photographers

No, there are no bathrooms. What Ideal Standard proposes for FuoriSalone 2022 is a photographic project to tell the backstage and the making of of contemporary architecture. An exhibition at Straf Hotel&Bar (in via S. Raffaele 3, from 30 May to 12 June) which brings together a selection of sophisticated shots, born from different, fresh and unexpected gazes of talented authors.

A visionary cultural initiative

A visionary project (literally) that has nothing self-referential, a project that goes beyond the product. That is there, mind you, with many novelties, in terms of bathroom solutions but also of transversal approach to design, signed Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, but it is presented at Salone del Mobile.Milano, in Fiera in Rho.

Narrating and communicating with architecture

Throughout its history, Ideal Standard has always collaborated with the great masters of design and architecture to create timeless products that have accompanied evolution of society, not just that of the bathroom. Design Shooting, a cultural initiative conceived to narrate contemporary architecture through an unexpected artistic vision, it is inscribed in this corporate vocation, that of dialogue with the world of design, while becoming the promoter of new languages.

17 photographers x 17 architectural firms x 17 construction sites

The project, carried out in collaboration with the event organizer Towant, sees the combination of seventeen unconventional photographers with seventeen Milanese architectural firms. Each photographer, specially chosen for the original poetics of his shots, was asked to take a photo in one of the construction sites of the combined studio, to narrate through new eyes the world of project.

Different perspectives capture the design inspiration

One of the objectives of the initiative is also to use a different language, made up of shots that are anything but technical or referential but capable of capturing the idea and inspiration who guided the architect in the design. The origin of the photographers chosen is different and therefore varied, not only from the world of architecture but also from fashion, from lifestyle and from street life to enrich the narrative of contemporary planning through different perspectives and unprecedented nuances.

The shots on display but also in postcard format

The photographic project resulted in the Design Shooting exhibition at the Straf Hotel & amp; Bar, in an equally unconventional context with a refined design one step away from Piazza Duomo, where the selected photos are exhibited but also available for the public in a postcard format.

The competition

visitors can vote their favorite photo through a QR Code specially set up within the exhibition. The three images that will get the most approval, together with another photo selected directly by all the organizers involved in the initiative, will compete for the final victory. It will also be possible to vote by connecting to the landing page of the dedicated site

Cover photo: Corso Magenta construction site, Milan, project by Pelizzari Studio. Ph. Mattia Aquila.