Among the previews of the Salone del Mobile, the home according to Dolce&Gabbana also arrives. The occasion is the inauguration of two new spaces totally dedicated to the Home collection

There is the whole personality Dolce&Gabbana in the two new flagship stores in Milan dedicated to the Home world. The collection has found a home in two different locations. The first, in corso Venezia 7, is dedicated to accessories and objects. The second, in via Durini 23, to furniture.

And you can't go wrong: the protagonist is really the passion provocative and always courageous for décor. There is Sicilian cart with the lively and naive designs of traditional carts. There is Mediterranean Blue, with the blue, the sea and the light atmospheres of a holiday. And finally the animalier, in perfect D&G style: Zebra and Leopardo.

Dolce&Gabbana designs a sensual and cheerful home

Entering the via Durini store is a surprising visual experience. Net of special effects and immersive layouts, the Dolce&Gabbana world explodes in all its joy and sensuality when it is declined on sofas, set tables and any available surface.

The four themes of the collection are arranged on the two floors of the store, which communicate visually through the scenographic central void. Suddenly it is no longer the serious and industrious Milan, but it is a Hollywood film in which luxury, sensuality and pleasure are the real trait d’union.

It takes the mastery of the two designers to dominate the boundary between excess and style. And it also takes the skill and strength of a partnership with Luxury Living Group, which worked together with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to arrive at a truly surprising result.

Four hundred pieces in the Dolce & amp; Gabbana Casa catalog

Andrea Gentilini, CEO of the luxury platform: "It was a happy meeting, in which common value assets were already present: quality and manufacturing expertise. There was a chemistry pleasant and from a project hypothesis we quickly moved on to the construction of the collection".

An ensemble that can be defined as fearless pharaonic: four hundred pieces of furniture, accessories, tableware and textiles. A very rapid work, arranged so that in twelve months the collection was ready to be presented last September in Venice during the Grand Tour of the maison.

"Domenico and Stefano led the creative part with a great sensitivity for products and for the world of furniture. And a momentum that created a collection that is unique to me in the world: it was an incredible experience and a very significant personal step".

Wonder and awe in front of an exceptional heritage

The two stylists speak of a climate of wonder and exceptionality. "A sensation experienced from the first meeting with the most renowned Italian workers, thanks to whom we have rediscovered ancient processes, such as Murano glass blowing, Sicilian ceramics entirely hand painted, the art of cabinet making, woven straws, inlay and wood carving, the millenary technique of murrine, the weaving of precious brocades and velvets on historical looms.

Salviati, Venini, Orsani, Barovier&Toso, Tessiture Bevilacqua. On closer inspection, it seems that the archives have reopened to reveal the treasures preserved in the history of these companies. Who find an ideal space to show themselves in all their beauty and, above all, in the exceptional manufacturing heritage.

It's not design, it's manufacturing abundance

The idea behind this exciting deployment of historical names and artisan excellence is to truly bring the world of D&G into homes. An operation that requires a bold stylistic choice and a precise stance. It is not the world of design. But it is its humus, the cultural nourishment of a territory capable of unique transformative alchemies. And this is the part that most interests the two designers: the celebration of a fruitful and joyful talent, which according to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana pervades the entire Italian territory, in its most "high" expressions such as in the most obvious everyday life.

A clear aesthetic code, bold choices

The Sicilian imagination, accompanied by the pop-chic forays of the animalier. And then we add the citations of the Renaissance, the chromatic abundance of Byzantium, the hyper-decorated surfaces of Mediterranean traditions.

A code that covers not just any objects, but unique models, which hide typological innovations or bring back a way of thinking about furniture that was the heritage of cabinetmaking and craftsmen of the past centuries. The small French-style sideboard that opens to reveal two series of small drawers, trays, closed or open shelves. And the design that peremptorily repeats itself inside and out. Next to the sideboard from the Carretto Siciliano collection, there is obviously the armchair, the sofa, the table, the textiles and the wallpaper. It is a total look but also a box of wonders.

The made in Italy story of a lifestyle

"The codes and language of Dolce & amp; Gabbana are inherent in their way of looking at fashion. It's all very clear, a transparency of intentions and stylistic objectives that greatly facilitated the project process": explains Andrea Gentilini. "It is the story of a lifestyle, not just the attempt to transfer a fashion brand into the home world. We have been inspired and pushed to test a new way of working, thanks to an ad hoc team and very clear ideas. And we were able to bring some parts of craftsmanship into the contemporary world, thanks to innovative thinking around the project idea", concludes Gentilini.

It seems that nothing is missing from the new Dolce&Gabbana adventure. Not even the unpredictable expertise in managing a new commodity world. All areas of the house have been explored and reinterpreted through the sartorial eyes of the Sicilian duo. And the desire not to distort an Italian character as characteristic as it is fairytale that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been telling the world over for many years.