Ilaria Marelli signs 14 new models for the new Enuit21 brand. Palazzo Visconti in Milan the ideal setting for the presentation to the public

Beginnings are always beautiful. And if it is the beginning of a new bed brand, even more so. It is called Enuit21, born as a new brand of Materassificio Montalese Spa, which opens to the hi-end market with a collection almost entirely designed by Ilaria Marelli.

"I didn't think you could work so quickly", says the designer. "In twelve months we went from design to product." But the goal was very clear and this usually makes the work fluid. handcrafted product in which the hand of the craftsman emerges, but with a very wide choice of colors and aesthetics.

Hence the idea of a large collection (sixteen pieces in all) of textile beds. And an infinite color chart: 266 different shades to choose from.

Ilaria Marelli is committed to giving shape to softness. The stylistic choice of Enuit21 is all about a concept of relaxation and rest that also embraces the idea of intimacy, of warmth. A characteristic that textile beds generally share: the risk is therefore to be discounted.

Instead Ilaria Marelli surprises. Because the originality of the formal choices is played on soft but unexpected geometries. Convenience, comfort, but with an eye on the search for brilliant aesthetic solutions. They range from the celebration of a bed as soft as a mother (Rever, Nuage) to one where there is more geometric rigor (Amouage, Paths).

However, the development of the project is not lost in the obvious and uses every good pretext to arrive at fascinating solutions. The design of the folds of the fabric, of the stitching patterns, of the tapered geometries. And also the little functional trick that speaks of a typological reflection: the Iris bed, with a moldable quilted headboard, which opens and closes, folds and gets back into shape.

The beds of Enuit21 are majestic. Which in the frame of Palazzo Visconti, where they were presented, find the right proportions to show themselves and declare that the (double) bed is an object not to be underestimated.