Not only Durini, the new concept within the MDD Association starts: "Milan Design District", to bring together the main design flagship stores in the city center in a cohesive and synergistic way

The Milano Durini Design Association is growing steadily today with 42 members of the most important design brands known throughout the world. And so that MDD - Milan Durini Design District - starting from the will of the companies in the center, will give life to this new brand within the more inclusive and participatory association:

An urban design hub: Milan Design District

The ultimate goal is to bring together the excellence of design in the city center within an associative, synergistic and sharing project; an URBAN HUB DESIGN recognizable in terms of value and content, on a par with other important world districts, such as: Miami Design District, London Design District, Shanghai Design District.

The reference association remains Milano Durini Design, the new associative Brand will be starting from the Design Week 2022 edition: MILANO DESIGN DISTRICT

Milano Durini Design was founded in 2016 by seven major companies located in via Durini and by the then promoter architect Massimo Salamone.

Over the years, more and more companies in the city center have applied to join the MDD association sharing the synergistic redevelopment objectives of the urban district they belong to and at the same time promoting shared actions for greater representativeness at national and international level.

In recent years, the request for participation in Milan Durini Design has been aimed by the companies themselves towards an extensive and greater inclusiveness, even though they are not properly located in via Durini or areas adjacent to it.

The Milano Durini Design association has welcomed this request by sharing its aims and objectives, including that of making the association and the "Milan Design District" of the city center propulsive through moments of aggregation and cultural participation (exhibitions, events, etc. ..) throughout the year (shortly, post design week, an extended initiative in which the district will be transformed into a collegiate of widespread art).

Milan Design Week 2022

From 6 to 12 June 2022, as part of the Milan Design Week 2022, some excellences of the sector, gathered in the Milano Durini Design Association, will offer professionals and the public the fruit of their commitment and work, proposing presentations of new produced in evocative and unprecedented settings, fully confirming the vitality of the moment and an important economic commitment for the recovery of the country and for the strategic representation of Milan in the world.

The culture of design and the enhancement of Made in Italy will again be central elements of the commitment of the Milan Design District during the week of the Design Week.
Inside the showrooms (over 20,000 square meters of environments dedicated to the world of Design), various moments of widespread promotion of the culture of design will follow one another through meetings, exclusive and unprecedented exhibitions of products, interactions with the public and with industry professionals: dedicated exhibitions and cultural comparisons on the subject of Design, Lifestyle and sustainability.

The urban road project: Life & Nature Design

The theme of the urban road project this year is Life & Nature Design: an urban forest will be set up in its various stages of growth with the revival of birch trees, hornbeams, perennial blooms and grasses.

We will therefore want to place an evocative accent on the importance of cyclical alternation and respect for ecosystems to be guaranteed within the production process, in which all the elements necessary for the production of the design product, whatever it is , must result in symbiosis and in balance with each other.