The stylists collaborate with architects and furniture companies to give life to cross-industry projects that combine creativity, research, ethical and environmental commitment

There is Prada that relies on Formafantasma (and many other experts) to spread science, and there is Stella McCartney, a pioneer of vegan fashion, who is in tandem with the multiple Compasso d'Oro Mario Bellini.

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022, luxury fashion houses take to the field and team up with architects and furniture companies to give life to cross-industry projects that combine creativity, communicative strength, experimentation, ethical and environmental commitment.

The liaison between fashion and design is not a new phenomenon, but what is surprising this year is the focus of collaborations, not glamorous appearances so much because 'we have to be at FuoriSalone', but research projects to rethink, together, the logic of production and consumption, to give new meaning to things, where even the discarded garment becomes a vintage dress to be fixed, and handed down.

Prada Frames

National Braidense Library, via Brera 28

Prada organizes Prada Frames, a multidisciplinary symposium curated by Formafantasma that investigates and reflects on the complex relationship between natural environment and design.

During the three days of the event (from 6 to 8 June) scientists, architects, designers, artists, activists, anthropologists and legal experts alternate, including Amitav Ghosh, Paola Antonelli, Alice Rawsthorn and Paulo Tavares.

The sessions, two a day, have a scientific and informative character together, to create environmental culture and spread it to the widest possible audience. Free admission subject to availability, upon registration here.

Future of fashion: an innovation conversation with Stella McCartney

Porta Nuova toll booths, piazzale Principessa Clotilde 11/12

Stella McCartney, pioneer of ethical luxury, arrives in Milan with all her experimental charge and her commitment to the Planet, including animals.

The public will be able to learn about creations made with vegan fibers, regenerated and plant-based materials, such as the Frayme Mylo™, the first bag in the world that uses mycelium instead of animal skin, created in collaboration with Bolt Threads.

During the event, in a psychedelic set populated by maxi sculptural mushrooms, cross-industry partnerships will also be presented: a new wallpaper designed for the historic British brand Cole&Son, and the renewed version of Mario Bellini's Dolls for B&B Italia, now also in Forest Fungi, the new sustainable upholstery by Stella McCartney. From 7 to 12 June,

Valentino Vintage

Madame Pauline Vintage, Buonaparte 74 forum

Nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed. Maison Valentino presents Valentino Vintage, the circular project to give a new life to the garments of past collections.

A virtuous itinerant initiative that, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week, makes a stop in Milan, more precisely in the historic Madame Pauline Vintage shop, which from 7 to 12 June will host a custom takeover.

Weave, restore, renew

Palazzo Isimbardi, corso Monforte 35

The Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe presents Weave, restore, renew, an exhibition and a series of collections that revolve around the theme of weaving and the idea of giving new life to forgotten or discarded objects, repairing them and reviving them through interventions artisanal.

An approach that is the opposite of senseless consumption, and recognizes that things done with care and love retain a human quality that lasts over time. From 6 to 12 June.

B.zero1: story of an icon

Bulgari Boutique, via Montenapoleone 2

Bulgari invites the public to visit its Milanese space from 6 to 12 June for the retrospective B.zero1: story of an icon dedicated to B.zero1, one of the her most iconic jewels.

A journey through the evolution of a timeless design to celebrate the entire collection, from its birth to the latest new interpretation: B.zero1 New Classic . Over the years, the famous ring has been reinterpreted by influential creatives, including Zaha Hadid, who with his unique architectural style has helped to make the design of this collection is legendary.

And it is precisely Studio Zaha Hadid to sign a new and exclusive installation for Bulgari: the Ring Wall, about 1,300 plastic elements recyclable that reproduce the design of B.zero1 in different sizes and colors, in a composition that develops vertically; a space will also be reserved for some creations by Zaha Hadid.

Thinking design, making design: work by A-Poc Able Issey Miyake and Tatsuo Miyajima

Issey Miyake, via Bagutta 12

From 7 to 21 June, Issey Miyake presents Thinking design, making design: work by A-poc Able Issey Miyake and Tatsuo Miyajima.

On show the work of the artist Tatsuo Miyajima on seven-segment digital numbers, together with the Type-II Tatsuo Miyajima project, with garments inspired by artworks by the Tokyo creative that promote the experience of wearing art in everyday life".

The result is a collection of clothes, and a participatory installation, characterized by the numbers from 1 to 9 dear to Miyajima, which explains: "The digital numbers represent time and life, concepts that have actually been included within these blousons

Cartier - The culture of design

Garden Senato, via Senato 14

What makes an icon of a creation? This is revealed by Cartier with Cartier - The culture of design , an interactive and immersive journey to discover the backstage of the maison's masterpieces.

In exhibition the designs, the stylistic codes, the research at the base of the most famous and precious jeweler and watchmaking creations of Cartier, a synthesis of precise shapes, accurate proportions and unrepeatable details, such as Santos de Cartier, Tank, Trinity, Love, Juste un Clou, Panthère de Cartier and Ballon Bleu de Cartier.

Do not miss the masterclass, by appointment, with the photographer Maurizio Galimberti who will explore, retrace and reinterpret the creations of the historic brand. From 7 to 12 June.

cancellato Uniform

Cariplo Factory, via Bergognone corner via Tortona 34

Goodbye sizes. The designer Diletta Cancellato breaks the mold and presents cU, which reads 'see you', an acronym for cancellato Uniform, an inclusive clothing line that goes beyond the concept of sizes, and uses height as the only reference, with a range that goes from 1 meter and 30 to 1 meter and 90.

The collection will be presented in an immersive pop-up store, designed by Caterina Fumagalli, animated from 7 to 12 June by a rich schedule of events, including Parasite 2.0 talks, Tellurico live performances on sculpture and a workshop by Roberto Alfano on the representation of bodies.

Bershka Custom Lab

Bershka store, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 22

From 7 to 14 June, Bershka opens the doors of its Custom Lab, a laboratory inside the store in corso Vittorio Emanuele II where you can customize garments and accessories with customized prints, embroideries and details.

Aficionados of the brand are called upon to co-create the most loved clothes, expressing their creativity and personal style. Optionally, the ability to insert your initials, graphics, zodiac signs, emojis, prints and messages.

Fortune is blind

Atelier Molayem, via Matteo Bandello 5

Atelier Molayem, a jewelry brand linked to symbolism, makes its debut in design with its first showroom in Milan, signed by Leclettico.

In a total pink setting, faceted by mirrors and conceived as a tragicomic journey aimed at defusing fears, jewels as talismans are revealed, to be found in a set of objects and furniture. From 7 to 12 June.

Boyy presents a new collaboration with Danish artist Fos

Boyy boutique, via Bagutta 9

Among the cross projects between fashion and design, there is the collaboration of the maison Boyy with the Danish artist Fos, aka Thomas Poulsen, and the London studio Ok-Rm, formed by the duo Oliver Knight & Rory McGrath.

The result is a hybrid installation that explores the orbital and superimposed relationships between space, image and object, an investigation that develops as a whirling narrative in the making, in which different principles, forms and artefacts come together play and evolve during the staging.

Lorena Antoniazzi - Luigi Proietti Gallery

Lorena Antoniazzi boutique, via della Spiga 36

Lorena Antoniazzi presents in exclusive with the Galleria Luigi Proietti the two artists Dario Goldaniga and Giampiero Malgioglio: the first is famous for his works created through the assembly and welding of castings and scraps of bronze castings, while Giampiero Malgioglio is an exponent of the pop extroflection of contemporary art. From 9 to 13 June.

Modes Assembly

Modes boutique, piazza Risorgimento 8

Modes imagines an installation as a joyful micro-city, freely configurable, where you can be together and spend quality time.

The installation, designed by the Gonzalez Haase AAS architecture studio, can be assembled and disassembled to host different events from time to time, creating a flexible social hub.

A representation that, at the end of the design week, will break down and travel throughout Italy, with the individual elements that will find their place in the various boutiques on a national scale.

The Zegna Iconic Triple Stitch™ Experience

Zegna flagship store Milan, via Montenapoleone 27/E

The Zegna maison, on the occasion of Milan Design Week, invites the public to discover, in a dedicated showcase, the iconic Triple Stitch™ ️ Sneaker. A versatile shoe designed for the evolving needs of modern man, to be worn on any occasion.