From buildings with super colored and pop facades to immersive mixed-reality paths, here are the not-to-be-missed spots of Milan Design Week

Palaces that are transformed into gigantic pop art works, thanks to unprecedented site-specific interventions on the facades, mixed-reality installations in which to immerse yourself to experience the new dimensions of existence, between virtual and real , up to the paths in the shape of perspective tunnels that invite us to look at reality with new eyes.

Smartphone in hand, here are the most instagrammable installations of FuoriSalone 2022 , places with a 'wow' effect, kaleidoscopic and high definition, to be photographed and shared with your design community lovers.

Tomorrow Living

Meet Digital Culture Center, viale Vittorio Veneto 2

How will we live in our homes in the future? Tomorrow Living, the documentary series and immersive experience at Meet Digital Culture Center tries to answer this big question. A research project on the future of living transformed by technology, led by the Huawei Milan Aesthetic Research Center and curated by Robert Thiemann, director of Frame magazine.

On stage, the screening of the four documentaries which collect the interviews and views of the thirty international experts involved (including Carlo Ratti and Michele de Lucchi, just to name a few).

The videos are enriched by The Global Home, an immersive site specific experience conceived by the multidisciplinary studio Space Popular which promises to transport us sensorially into new scenarios of living in a mixed future - reality.

Manifesto to lightness (photo from 7 in the morning)

La Pelota, via Palermo 10

Hermès usually amazes with poetic and magnificent installations. This year he presents the Manifesto to lightness, four mega towers of water, light despite their monumental proportions, which radiate a light filtered by the translucent colored paper, creating iridescent and suggestive reflections.

These imposing constructions contain, like chests precious, the maison's masterpieces, from ethereal cashmere plaids to sparkling patchworks, from porcelain to bamboo seats, expression of a unique savoir-faire and precision.

Artifacts and works united by the lightness of materials and shapes, just think of the sheet of leather cut, folded and hand painted, which becomes a centerpiece.

We (Photos ready from 1 June)

Opificio 31 - Tortona

A monumental installation stands out in the Tortona area: it is We by the collective of urban artists Truly Design Crew for Iqos. A temporary art intervention that plays on anamorphic distortion, an artistic trick that presents a reality that quickly dissolves once you are away from the correct point of view.

A work composed of different surfaces, each of which contributes to creating a maxi image, a symbol of a large community within which uniqueness and different stories to tell live. The plus: the installation is made on a structure treated with Airlite paint which reduces pollutants in the air.


University of Milan

Located in the porch of the University , at the entrance to the hall of the Aula Magna, Life is the installation created by the designer Alessandro Scandurra with iGuzzini Lighting. With an extremely scenic and impactful aspect, the staging takes the mind back to an imaginary theater. The luminous sign mentions 'LIFE' precisely in the sign of the powerful energy released by the phases of change and rebirth. Of regeneration, in fact.


Chiostri San Barnaba, via Daverio 7

Ferruccio Laviani, who in thirty years of FuoriSalone has given us the most beautiful windows and installations, invites us to change horizons with Perspectives for Lea Ceramics.

A succession of ultra-thin ceramic slabs alternate to create a sort of perspective telescope obtained through cracks that recall natural crevices at the bottom to which one can look: "I thought of an installation halfway between the installation and the land art, which recalls the material layering of Grotto by Thomas Demand, the pages of the sculpted books by Stephen Doyle or again, the contemporary labyrinth of Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh", says Laviani.

"A different way of experiencing ceramics in a combination that includes mineral and vegetable, architecture and art, experience and visual perception, through the language of the Lea Ceramiche collections". All in a magical place: the garden of plane trees of the Humanitarian Society of Milan, a green area adjacent to the Cloisters of San Barnaba.

Generation, re-generation, post generation

Despitemarras, via Cola di Rienzo 8

Industrial waste, wheels, bolts, metal wires that give life to a new post-industrial figure full of hope, then books on books that make tongues, ceramics and objet trouvè stacked on top of each other to form of totems dedicated to imaginary goddesses.

There is all the modus operandi of Antonio Marras in the installation Generation, re-generation, post generation, a place where the Sardinian designer regenerates, patches up, replaces broken pieces, it gives new life to objects and gives us back a dense, layered and beautiful scenario.


Military hospital of Baggio, via Simone Saint Bon 1

After the success of last year, with more than 60 thousand visitors, Alcova returns to the military hospital of Baggio, the independent design platform created by Joseph Grima and Valentina Tufts.

Over 80 the names gathered, including schools, research centers, established architects and emerging designers, heterogeneous realities united by the spirit of experimentation and the will to go further.

Great space will be given to Monumental Wonders, the reflection on the boundaries of natural stones by Sabine Marcelis, OMA and SolidNature. In this remote and abandoned place, it is also interesting to discover the works of small businesses, such as Prowl, a female duo that offers a collection reflecting on the catastrophes of California fires.

View 20

Galleria Rossana Orlandi, via Matteo Bandello 14-16

Anotherview, gli inventori della finestra digitale che permette di godere di viste mozzafiato sempre diverse, pur restando tra le quattro mura domestiche, si unisce ai Nature Squared, specializzati nel riuso di scarti tra cui cortecce, conchiglie, gusci d’uovo e piume.

Il risultato è View 20, una finestra sul paesaggio naturalistico indiano, realizzata con le riprese iperrealistiche di 24 ore registrate da Anotherview durante un lungo tour del 2018 attraverso il Rajasthan e l'Uttar Pradesh. Nel dettaglio, il soggetto dell’inquadratura della finestra è l’albero di banyan, una varietà che vive da due a trecento anni e simboleggia l'immortalità.

Toiletpaper Street dreamed with Organics by Red Bull

via Balzaretti 4

During Milan Design Week 2022, the disruptive imagery of Toiletpaper materially paints via Balzaretti with the Toiletpaper Street dreamed with Organics by Red project Bull.

The most famous graphics by Maurizio Cattelan + Pierpaolo Ferrari decorate the facades of the buildings for an open-air celebration of creativity, in what will be one of the most photographed prospects and, of course, shared on social networks.

A life extraordinary (embargo until 6 June)

Hall of Fabrics, via S. Gregorio 29

Once you cross the luminous portal in the shape of O, you are sucked into a world with blurred outlines, where real and virtual mix up to confuse. It is A life extraordinary by Moooi, a physical and digital experience, a dreamy and imaginative place where you can discover the novelties of the brand (including the new products by Cristina Celestino and Front), together with Interiors Moods, settings that reflect and tell our different moods. A path to be discovered even from a distance, with ad hoc events in augmented reality on https: // www / eu /.


Via Ciovasso 6

Can markers become the symbol of an entire generation? The answer is yes, just think of Posca, the tempera markers symbol of the Eighties, which still today are cult objects for entire communities of graffiti artists and skaters.

The brand celebrates its first 40 years and, for the occasion, invites all the public to express their creativity by decorating the walls of the installation designed by Giulio Iacchetti. On the calendar, live performances by Pao Pao, Ilaria Faccioli, Francesco Corporal, Mario Trimarchi, Mario Stilla and Giulia J Rosa.


Civic Aquarium, viale Gadio 2

Momentum by Stark, a company specializing in multimedia and interactive narratives, is that installation that puts you in 'crisis', that unhinges beliefs. It places us before time objective, which advances inexorably, and perceived time, which is subjective and which, especially after the pandemic, has expanded and at times confused.

This is linked to the perception of changes climatic, often seen as more distant and slower than their unpredictability. But all is not lost, it is still possible to act on subjective time, to curb the human impact on the Planet.

The Art of Dreams

Palazzo Clerici, via Clerici 5

"I am curious to explore the connections between nature and the modern human environment, I am particularly interested in the possible interactions between botany and technology", says Ruby Barber, the Australian floral artist, but based in Berlin, author of one of the most anticipated installations: The Art of Dreams by Porsche. Will drones and flowers be enough to make us daydream?

Floating forest

Viale Gabriele D'Annunzio 20 (Darsena)

A floating forest on the water of the Milan Darsena, which will not go unnoticed and promises to become one of the most instagrammed spots of Milan Design Week: it is Floating Forest, in the Tortona area, the installation by Timberland in collaboration with Stefano Boeri Interiors.

A floating island with hundreds of different plants that wants to make us reflect on the importance of greening urban areas.

The Wall of Wonders

Casa Brera, via Formentini 10

Have you ever played with the shadows on the walls? The Swedish artist Gustaf von Arbin, with the designers Cara \ Davide under the creative direction of Motel409 with Musa, in the installation The Wall of Wonders by Fenix.

A visual and sound story in which domestic objects interact with the illusory shadows projected on the walls. The surfaces are fluid and single-colored, made with continuous rolls of X-Kin by Fenix that descend lightly from the ceiling, a coating that is well suited to 'dress' places like surprise boxes.

Cover photo: ALIITA presents ALIITA Land a special set in collaboration with Mutina