In the flagship store the Salone previews. News dedicated to every area of the house

Gallotti&Radice presents the previews 2002 pending the Salone del Mobile. The new products confirm the focus on a hi-end range that explores contemporary typologies with an eye for luxury materials and finishes.

Three new features: a console by Pietro Russo, a new sofa system Lilas Mosaique by Studio Dainelli and the collection for the sleeping area Stami, by Studiopepe.

Hanami, Pietro's console Russo, is probably the piece that best represents the novelties. The idea of the console belongs to a classic house, which loves the functional canon. Russo plays the game with an intuition that brings simplicity and lightness.

"From the spontaneous gestures of a folded corner to remember where the drawing was inside my notebook - explains the designer - the idea was born: to fold a surface in a geometric way, so two folds were enough to create the point of departure , three to create the product". The use of contrasting textures (shiny/opaque) adds a contemporary feeling.

For Gallotti&Radice the highlight is on Lilas Mosaique, a modular system of soft seats with weighted backrests to be placed as desired.

The work of Studio Dainelli focuses on flexibility of use and on the idea of a transformable living area, whose center is the welcoming and relaxing presence of the sofa. Which is perhaps no longer a piece of furniture, but a real space to which to give new meanings. Elegance and luxury, of course. But also a lot of freedom of interpretation.

Finally Studiopepe tackles the night theme with the Stami collection. The hybridization of the area dedicated to rest seems to inspire the project, with a series of pieces that revolve around complementary functions to sleep.

The toilet, the desk, the dormeuse, the bench. Wealth of materials (wood, leather) and important processes (bending and modeling that require time and attention). Here, too, luxury and ease, for a concept of home far from urban inspirations but close to an idea of comfort, safety, tradition.